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How Much Do You Know About Christianity?


I spent 14 years as a die hard Christian. During that time I studied the Bible with mentors who majored in theology and grew up in Africa as kids of a missionary doctor.

To this day I'm still baffled by how little people understand the religion and the text of the religion that they ascribe to.

Recently I found a test that breaks it down faster than I ever could.


My challenge to you: take this test and post your score. If you have a Bible handy, look up the verses to assure yourself that this is for real. If you want to save time- I already did because even as an atheist, I was suprised at a few of these. It's spot on.

Have fun. Give to friends.




lol. Are you making fun of my spelling or are you also an atheist?


I picked the stupidest, most barbaric or simply ridiculous answer for every question and got a passing grade.


Did ok. Only a 29 =/

I love how I knew the "thal shalt not boil a goat in its mothers milk" one though. <3 Bible.


My friend did the same thing and got the highest grade I've ever seen (I think he got a 47). Good times. Just remember, we like to make fun of the middle eastern beliefs of 32 virgins stored up in Heaven, but back in the day God delivered the real ones to the Israelites.


I find it interesting that more people are not commenting argumentatively on this thread. I guess the quiz is hard to argue with :wink:


Thirty-seven out of fifty. Not great, but not bad, I guess, considering I haven't been to church in over a decade.

I didn't get the "castrate yourself" one, although I remember reading about some early Christians who did that very thing.

I also didn't get the 144,000 male virgins in the heavenly choir one. That's just bizarre.

I've actually eaten fried locusts in the Philippines. Blegh. I'll take pork, shellfish and rabbit any day, abominations or not.

Here Oleena, this is just for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOfjkl-3SNE

Highly irreverent, but pretty funny.


I don't see anything that needs arguing.


lol. I'll be passing that right along. Thank you.


I'm guessing you probably don't empathize with the Christian line of thinking.

I have yet to find one Christian who will argue this quiz with me! Even the missionary's children admitted there were some disturbing points and had nothing further to say. Damnit!


On the contrary, I am Christian.


I got 36 right, have read the bible several times but it's been a while.

I wonder how many Christianists posting on this board and elsewhere have read the bible through even once.

The typical response to many of the scriptures quoted in the quiz is that "It was all changed when the Law of Moses was fulfilled". Of course, they never reconcile that with the scriptural truth that God is perfect and doesn't change.

Moreover, the numerous new testament scriptures discussed in the quiz leave them floundering. At best, they claim that these scriptures were only "cultural", despite clear statements that they were commandments. Yet they enjoy focusing on other scriptures, like Paul's injunction against gays, that have nothing to do with their personal lives. Those scriptures couldn't possibly reflect cultural norms at the time, right? Cherry picking at its finest.


Why are you seeking to mock Christianity? A bible quiz from an atheist website, really? Seems a transparent effort to bash religious folk. I guess if you need to do so to feel better about yourself, go ahead. I will not play.


Uh, where does it say god doesn't change?


Malachi 3:6

For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.


Malachi 3:6


Damn it, forlife, you beat me by like a minute.


Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ, He is the same yesterday and today, and forever.

Malachi 3:6 - For I am the Lord, I change not; ...

You guys don't like "Change you can believe in" anyways...


It's not about God changing...Why do atheists always brag about how much they read the bible, yet turn around and miss that most of the time a specific people/nation/tribe/whatever, with a specific relationship to God, is being addressed (especially in the OT). Nor, do they realize that often a covenant has already been broken, BY MAN. Nor do they want the new covenant, which is open to ALL who accept it, admissable in the discussion. Well, ok, then you're no longer arguing against Christians! Since OUR religion stand on THAT foundation. Sorry, but most of our well read atheists are cut and pasters.

Edit: Sounds to me like most of you need to find some Israelites to address your questions to.