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How Much Do You Eat?


Curious as to what you weigh and how much you eat (calorie wise). Not looking for estimations, but if you've actually figured out precisely how much you eat..


I weigh 180 and eat around 3,000-3,500 calories a day.When I bulk I eat around 4,000-4,500 calories.


I weigh around 230 and I'm bulking to the tune of about 5k a day...when I do cut its usually around 3200 cals a day.


I weigh 225
Maintenance or non-tng days is 4,000
Tng-days and bulks are 5,000

I do well cycling my calories to either tng or non-tng day amounts.


I weigh 187 and right now average about 3300 calories a day. Will probably bump it up a bit soon. Don't really do Bulk and Cut cycles I try for lean mass gains ala Berardi's articles.


I'm on a diet..so not enough!! Only 21.5 hours till I get my cheat meal!!


Thanks for the input.

Right now I'm 165 (haven't been into the BB routines for quite a while, and wasn't eating as much as I do now). The past 3 days I've been doing 3,000-3200 calories/day.

Just hoping that's enough to put on a little weight. Though, I'm thinking I'll need around 3500-4000 most likely. I have been eating more the past few days, figured I'll see what this caloric range does. Damn food's expensive.


I'm a poor college student so I spend around 45-60 a week on food (neglecting my gas tank for food) and probably range close to 3k on workout days and 2-2.5k on non. I did bulk up this past summer (190lbs-208lbs) then cut down to my current weight (195) but i might go down some more for spring break; and the ladies :wink:


4000 kcal on non-training and 4400 kcal on training days at 208 lbs.


158lbs 4%bf
3200 5 days
4000 1 day
2700 1 day


Trying my first "lean bulk". I tried bulking before at 3600/day and gained mostly fat. Like the experts say, I'm checking my weight every week and plan to keep raising calories until I gain about 500g a week.

Currently 84kg 14%BF I guess. Lifting days 3000cal, cardio/off days 2800. I'm the classic endomorph so I'm trying to be very careful this time about raising cals.


Right now I'm eating three fried eggs and five slices of bacon with a piece of wheat toast. Yum. (I will be standing all day today at a bike show.)

I don't count calories, just protein to make sure I get enough everyday. I weigh 150. Probably eat about 3000 cal/day. Train five days a week right now.

I live in the great white north so winter is traditional bulking time. Come May I will change my diet start running and doing massive amounts of yard work. This results in my being pretty lean during the summer and fall.


I eat a cup of oatmeal for breakfast w/ 4-5 egg whites and 2 or 3 slices of turkey bacon.

lunch is usually a grilled chicken breast or salmon steak w/ a baked sweet potato.
Snack may be a couple of protein bars or shake with a banana.

Dinner I may mix it up a bit. I don't really count calories or carbs. I keep it uniform throughtout the year. In order to bulk up or cut up I adjust my training, not my diet. It works well as it is and I don't like to tamper with it too much.


Check out CT's Carb Cycling article. Been doing something pretty similar the last few months of this bulk and I like it. The effects are mild but noticable. And the pumps after workouts are huge!


I am 6'2 and about 205lbs.

4 days a week at 3,000 kcal
2 days at 2,700 kcal
1 day at 4,000 kcal


Weight 193 lbs, 5'11", 40 yrs, and around 12-13% bodyfat (with the shoe):
2600/2700 Sun-Thur
3000 on Friday (refeed)
3500 Saturday (refeed)

This is irregardless of workouts and/or tennis which averages 2 hours a day, six days a week. I'm almost always at a huge deficit, but I make sure that I get at least one day a week of calorie surplus. If not, I find I stall and don't lose weight.

I'm cutting for... well, it seems like forever, but it's actually only been four months. My goal is 185-190 and I'm almost there. I'll be very curious to see how many calories I'll need to maintain.

Why do you ask?


Weigh 192 pounds
180 cm tall

Eat 6-7 meals a day

4 whole food
3 liquid

3500-4000 calories a day

train 2 on one off repeat

body fat - same as a shoe.


you are 178cm tall..dont lie


height - 6'1"
weight - 203ish

Cals: I was using the carb cycling codex, but I felt sluggish at 3400cals and 230g of carbs. So I said screw it, bumped everything up to around 4200cals a day, roughly 360g carbs, 360g protein, rest fat. Pretty much all meals from JB's Precision Nutrition.

Doing ABBH 1 right now, so weights every other day, 1h+ rugby practice weds night, 1h+ sat mornings, and 30-45 mins of intense cardio on my non-lifting days. I might bump it up more if I start dropping weight (the joys of getting into shape for rugby season )


I currently weigh 200lb. I eat 3500 cals per day to maintain. When attempting to add more mass, I up it to 3800-4000. When wanting to drop, 2800 seems to do the trick.