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How Much Do You Curl in Comparison to Your Bench?

my ratio is 50%. my curls used to be weaker, like 40% of what I benched. Just curious what everyone’s ratio is.

Not sure what my 1 rep maxes are but I can curl about 55kgs x 20 & Bench nearly 130kgs for 20.

Haven’t benched in several years. Just been doing overhead pressing, so they’re probably closer than they used to be.

I see so your curl is 42% of your bench then. Similar to what my ratio used to be

You’d have to specify the conditions for each. Paused bench vs strict curl? Probably 35 ish %.

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normal bench

normal curl, not strict curl but with solid form.

I need to go back to my safe space. I can certainly do 55 kg for one (perhaps a couple). Certainly not 20, unless we can count a power clean style.

I think I can probably hit 135 lbs on curl and can bench 385. 35% is where I am at.

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I don’t bench, but when I did my 1rm was 275 pounds of weak sauce and I haven’t maxed out my curls lol. I think the heaviest working set of EZbar curls has been around 115lbs

I’d be lucky to curl 30kg 10 times.
I think my 10 rep bench is 100kg ish.

I would look at this the opposite way: your bench used to be stronger.. I bench ~300 lbs, but who the hell knows what my 1 RM curl is? You mean like a strict barbell curl? I don’t think I could curl 150 lbs (in fact, I know I can’t). I would be more concerned with your weighted pull ups (BW + weight added) compared to your bench. These should be similar.

This could be the bro-iest post yet! :rofl:


I would guess around 30%. I don’t know my exact numbers for a curl max since maxing out on curls isn’t something I do but I would guess around 120lbs and then my max for bench press is around 380lbs.

Only way to consistently max out the same way each time on a curl is like they do at some PL+ comps where they add the BB curl. Standing up against a wall the upper arms right up against the wall. I’m not trying to tout that as the best way for general strength gains or hypertrophy, just the only way to really have fair comparisons not just to each other but our own previous PRs.

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You could be right. my bench only increased a little compared to my other lifts.

I’d say I’m around 40%. Higher if we’re talking ez bar - I get wrist and forearm pain with regular BB curls if I do them for long periods of time. It’s a shame - good ol’ Flat BB curls are a great friggin’ exercise. That extra bit of supination compared to the EZ bar really makes them the best bicep builder.