How Much Do You Buy Meat For?

It seems really expensive here in southern california. What’s the average cost for your meats, and the cheapest you’ve gotten recently? Stating your location would be great also.

Ground beef: ~$2.5 (I’ve seen 4$+ I beleive)
Ground turkey: more than beef so I ignore
Pork Tenderloin: 1.5-2$
Chicken breast boneless skinless: 2-4$
Chicken thigh boneless: 1.8-2%
Sirloin, new york, tenderloin, filet, etc: 5-15$ haven’t bough steak meat in a while.

I live in Iowa. I wait until 85% lean ground beef is on sale for 1.88 a pound and buy a ton. 90% lean ground turkey is consistently 1.99 a pound. Pork loins go on sale for 1.99 a pound every once and a while. Chicken breasts I can usually find for 1.99 a pound. I usually stick with these and buy in bulk.

My staples each week are:

10 lb bag of boneless chicken breasts from BJs - $24
4 6oz Bison Patties from Trader Joes - $6-


We get our lean ground beef 92/8 for $5.99/lb

my dad is retired military, so he takes me to the commissary. Just the other day I picked up a bunch of steaks for $1.25/each. that was a good day.

Best to kill your own.

Find a local farmer that has sheep, or cows and kill and prepare the meat yourself. You save a TON of money that way.

Sheep or Ram is easiest as all you need is a knife.
One sheep lasts about 1 month for dinner for a family of four. All for $150.00.

I find it cheapest to head out to a local field with a shotgun and pickup truck and knife and just harvest it myself. Just don’t let the farmer see you.

But seriously, 85/15 ground beef was 1.88 yesterday and 90/10 was over 3 here in Iowa

Here’s my list of what I normally buy.

-Grass-fed ground beef is about 7.99/lb
-Grass-fed roast & stews are about 8-9.99/lb
-20lbs of mixed Grass-fed beef from local farm(about hour & a half away) is $160
-Organic whole chicken is about 3.99/lb

do you think your grass fed beef is worth the extra money?

the 85/15 for 1.88 is great. the best i got here was .99 for 70/30 or so. but after you cook it it looks like half of what you put in.

Wow, I thought I had it bad… Mind you I live in a province with major cattle lol so it should be cheap.

Up where I’m in Fort. McMurray The local “Meat Shoppe” sells hormone free ground Bison for 8.99/kg, so about 4/lb.

I buy 93/7 ground beef from the cheapest grocery for 6.12/kg. Just under 3/lb…

I work in a grocery store in the meat department and always get the best stuff. 85/15 ground beef varies in price each day depending on how much trim is cut from the day before. I can buy it in the morning sometimes if it’s leftover from the day before for $1.49lb.

what are the tips to getting good deals from people working from the meat department, strungoutboy? :slight_smile:

For our store usually if you come in around 8 or 9am you can find deals on reduced items that go out of code soon. I don’t change prices for anybody because i’m not about to lose my job. If i do know someone i will go out of my way to find them the best steak or the best stuff we have.

2.22 lbs of chicken breasts - 4.54$

aprox :slight_smile:

[quote]kickureface wrote:
do you think your grass fed beef is worth the extra money?[/quote]

Yes, I fit it in my budget & the price isn’t a problem for me. I don’t go nuts & buy T-bone & ribeyes. I keep it simple with ground meat,shanks,stews & cheap cuts of roast.

I know it’s pricey compared to conventional beef but I do feel “relieved” knowing that it’s slightly more nutritional & that the cow came from a pasture rather than a factory.