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How much do you bench?

Allright, I’m obsessed, but I’m curious about how much everyone benches here (1RM). Also, include your height and weight. I’m 6’, weigh 145, and bench 215. So, how much do you bench?

I’m not really sure what my 1RM is, but I’m 5’10 165 and have last week I had benched 225x4.

im 6’ 1.5 and i bench 325 i weigh 220

I’m 5’10 175lbs and have a 1rm of 335. I’ve been trying for a long time to get to twice my bodyweight, but after reading about TC’s torn pec I decided maybe that wasn’t so important after all!

15lb dummbells for 10 reps. No kidding. I tore my pec a few months ago and I’m now recovering from surgery. I used to be able to do 315lbs for 6 reps at 5’11’’ 220lbs.

I’m 5’11" and 225 lbs. I BP 370 1x and can close grip bp 250 for 8 reps

6’ 220lbs and bench 400.

i weigh 260 but i only bench 450 around abouts.
not too good but im only 19. hopefully i can be a 700+ guy someday. be like jamie harris. that’d be soooo dope! but im content with my numbers for now.

i 'm not sure what my 1rm is ,bout i can do 400 ten times.i’m 5’6 175,i always was known for being strong,just always had aproblem getting big.obviously franco columbo ’ physique is my ideal.

I am 5’10, 180, and a 1rm of 240, train west side style and I re max out next week.

I’m 5’7" 165 lbs, bench 305.

I never go to 1rm. I work a cycle of max effort with a rep and tempo scheme, work up to a threshold, than change it out. 1rm leads to weight over form, torn pec, nagging injury and neural exhaustion, for me that is, I can’t speak for everyone. 3 r, 3-1-3 pace 330, 5’10 1/2, 235.

Exact same stats as Fox. We’re pretty pathetic man.

5’4", 150lbs, and I’m throwing around 500 like a walk in the park.

3 x 220 lb @ 198 lb bw. Not proud of it.

I weight 205 I am 5’9 and a important half inch and 370 is by best without a shirt, blasting through the 400 barrier soon!

My best ever is 275 for six sets of four reps on a 5/0/1 tempo. My last workout i inclined 260 for one rep and close gripped 255 for 5. Im doing a bench competition in a couple of weeks so ill letcha know how it turns out.

I can’t believe this question is still so popular. I haven’t benched with a barbell in over 10 years. Dumbbells and various Hammer Strength machines work much better for me. I’m 5-9, 220, and my chest definitely hasn’t suffered. I’d put it next to any national-level NPC LH or HW any day. The BP is great for strength training and such, but bb’s don’t really need it.

Hey Fox, What’s “West-Side Style” Training? Maybe I could try it. Thx.

5’9" and 178lbs with a 1BM of 300lbs.