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How Much Do We Love Protein?


I mean, I know I really REALLY love protein. Doesnt matter what kind, as long as it isn't soy. Lets hear it for protein, how much do you love it!?


I eat the shit!


Yeah, it's some great stuff. Also, did you hear Greg Giraldo died?


I didn't hear about that. I think I should probably take in more protein today. Might be smart to have a scoop of whey before I get in bed.


my roommate was just telling me this...
her: you know, the judge from last comic standing
me: which one? the skinny one?
her: i don't know, he died of an overdose
me: um, yeah hon prolly the skinny one.


So what have we learned so far this week?

Protein is wonderful
All cyclists without exception use PEDs
Drugs are bad, mmmmkay
Sex with fruit, does not necessarily make you a fruit

Carry on.


Nothing like a good steak.


Agreed, a good piece of grilled chicken is good too. Gotta love that protein!


i love my egg whites/oats/berries cooked in a pan to a crispy perfection for breakfast. mmm, its like cobbler!


I could eat a whole rotisserie chicken right now.


I tried pretty hard to find Eddie Murphy's "I love my protein girls, do you?" skit from snl but nothing came up. Sucks about Giraldo.


I don't like protein.

Yeah I said it.

I'm eating chicken, steak, eggs, and other meat all the time, almost every meal. I'm eating so much of it right now, I'm fucking sick of it.

BRB gonna eat a steak.


Play with fire you get burned.

I do seem to recall him being almost the only funny person on that last roast of the Hoff.

God awful waste of time, by the way.

Edited for totally wrong word...


THE FUCK?! How can you even say that?!


I learned that Bodyguard used to be a stripper.

Oh, and apparently Obama is trying to destroy all of our supplements...so we don't have the strength to break out of his concentration camps.


LOL! First good laugh of the day before I go to the gym, cheers!


I learned that Gregon really like Halloween. Stu doesn't eat peanut butter anymore. And that BB.com seriously dropped the ball on the Mr. O coverage.

Aside from that, nobody here mentioned Salmon yet? Damn, it's so fatty and thick, and a good piece just melts. That's how I like to get my protein.


I love it, but not like how Kai Greene loves grapefruit.

runs and hides


I hate BB.com as much as the rest of us, but if it weren't for them, I'd have missed live coverage of the O completely.

The real ball droppers were the judges. Nobody knows this more than Phil Heath.

Oh, organic steaks, tilapia, turkey burgers... if it's fresh, and flesh, I'm on it!


Venison for the win!