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How Much do Powerlifters Get From Their Gear?


Assuming you have alot of experience with your equipment, you mastered the technique, etc., how much percentage of your one rep max can you add up? In the bench press? Squat? Deadlift?

Thank you...

Oh, and another thing, what gear are you using?


About 7 years ago I had a 285 lb. max raw bench. In my first and only competition, I benched 425 lb. in a triple ply denim shirt. The shirt was an old cast-off I borrowed from my coach that was not fitted specifically to me.


I get about 700 lbs out of my suit and briefs, about 500 pounds out of my shirt, and about 600lbs out of my singlet.


Over 9000!




Is that a quintuple ply singlet?

My knee wraps alone squat 350, just lying on the floor.




Why yes, yes it is and it's also made for a 165er, so it takes me about 45 minutes to get into it.




Numbers change from person to person and depends on type of gear. i make my single ply gear produce a lot in the squat and bp by tailoring my training to maximize my meet/gear technique, which is NOT the same as raw technique. i have been unable to make my gear work as well in the dl.

You are just not going to add gear and a lot of weight will go up like magic. You need somebody who knows the gear to help you learn to make it work for you. Talk to the PLers at your gym or at a meet and get some ideas. If you can borrow or try some gear it helps.

It is fun when it all comes together, but you will have to work hard to make it happen.


What does the scouter say about his power level!?


I get about 840 out of my squat suit, 600 out of my bench shirt, and maybe about 730 out of my deadlift suit.

But seriously- I would guess I get about 200 out of a squat suit and a couple pairs of briefs so tight they cut my legs, maybe 200 out of a custom-fitted 3ply bench shirt. Deadlift is hard to say because of how I train/compete my deadlift- but I would say somewhere between 40 and 100 lbs out of a very tight DL suit.


What, over 9000!?! That's impossible!


Knee wraps and a single ply Metal DL suit will add about 100 to my squat.

An F6 adds about 50 to my bench.

The same Metal DL suit adds about 50-70 to my DL.


I have a second-hand single-ply F6 that I can touch 135 with. The first time I used it (which was also the first time I used a shirt) I got nearly 30% carry-over.

I think that says more about the state of my shoulders than anything else.

I get wayyy less from my squat suit, more like 5%.


Lol, Japanese cartoons...


Thanks for the serious reply. Interesting on the last one, I've never used gear but I thought carry-over to the DL was minimal.


lol that's great, never really thought of that scenario either