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How Much Do Macros Matter?


How much do macros really matter if the total calories per day are the same?

For example lets say:

150g Carbs
135g Fat
175g Protein


250g Carbs
75g Fats
175g Protein
~2500 Calories

Does it really matter which way I eat granted I keep hitting 2500? Only reason I ask is because once I get over ~200 in carbs I feel REALLY uneasy. But if I keep it to where I eat a cup of rice at each meal or swap out for a large potato I feel really light even though I’m taking in over 100g of fat.

What have your experiences been with this?


Traditional wisdom I think would be that it doesnt matter but…

My personal experience is that I can eat more calories on a cut if I lower fats and keep carbs higher.



I loose weight “better” with low carbs, but my wife actually gains weight if she goes under 150g a day. Carbs are her friends.



Macros matter to the individual. If your body responds better to low carb, high fat…do that rather than what the internet genetically dictates.