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How Much do Exterminators Cost?

Curious here what exterminators cost?

If I remember correctly there is an initial fee then they come out every few months and spray. This is a continual process?

Has anyone here hired an exterminator for bug control?
What company did you use?
How effective where they?
How much did they cost?

Thanks in advance

why dont you just use yellowpages and find out the “old school” way?

Well I think he was wanting to see what was the best company and how it all works and if it was even worth the expense.

Find a local guy who’s been in business a while, knows your area and its particular pests. Like anything else, ask for references, recomendations from other customers.

I did call around. I was surprised how many there were in the phonebook. Pages!!! Most said about 4 visits a year. Approx. each visit is $100 give or take $15. Not bad. I guess it’s just a matter of finding one I trust.

Terminex is $125 initially. 1 yr contract. $85 a visit after. Visit every 3 months. I was googling them and came across a lot of recommendations for them. My biggest thing is keeping creepy crawlies outside and not in. Especially those damn house centipedes. I kid you not I scream like a panzy when I see those things.

Have you done your research on the bugs that are in your house? What might attract them. Then using some preventative measures to control them a bit? Then trying some retail type products? Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that.

It’s brand new house.

I haven’t moved in just yet. I move in on Oct 23 and close on Oct. 22.

House was just completed a month ago.

My whole life I’ve been a panzy with bugs. I did notice in the garage and basement there were a few larger beetles crawling around each time I go there.

Also in the garage too. Someone said they were common in new houses. They get in while they are building and eventually die off. A couple crickets here and there.

There’s not real a pest problem. But I hate seeing even a lil spider. So this would be to prevent that from happening.

Plus I cannot stand house centipedes. If you’ve never seen one google them up.