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How Much Do Belts Take Away?

I’ve recently started doing DLs with a heavy leather belt. I deadlift with the intention of strengthening the lower back and was just wondering how much does the use of a belt detract from stimulating the muscles of the lower back? In-other-words, do belts make the deadlift easier and, hence, less effective?


I dont think you can get a direct answer here. coming from someone who lifted without using a belt for years the recently adding it in a few times they are a great aid more imo then ppl give credit. I still do the majority of my work without a belt but if feeling vulnerable core not getting tigth enough low back caving in that day i put it onn and can easily and relatively safely keep on rolling

is a tool use it dont abuse it imo

I am no expert but when I go heavy without a belt I have back pain.

Based on stuff I read here I tried going without a belt for a long time and I was fighting back pain.

Now I do my warm up sets without a belt and use my belt only for my heavy sets.

I don’t wear a belt for anything else.

I think your decision to wear a belt should be based on what you plan to do in each workout. If you are working up to a max attempt then I say you should use the belt for protecting the back. In your warm up sets you don’t necessarily need the belt, unless you are someone who has had previous back problems.

If you are doing light weight, higher reps on the DL, then I would say go without the belt. I only wear a belt when I am squatting or DLing heavy and mostly during my max attempts. Most warm-up sets I do not use the belt.

As for how much does it take away from your development, I would say very little unless you are wearing it ALL the time. I think of belts as more of protection and support when doing heavy weights more than anything.

How Much Do Belts Take Away?

For a good 10mm, double prong, about $70.