How Much Difference Between TRT and Blast?

Hi all,

Been on TRT for a while now and considering a blast (posted about it a while ago),

Won’t be a massive amount as I am eating to lose weight atm.

Purely for recovery for high volume cardio training (cycling). On my TRT dosage I’m ok at about 6-8 hours intense training a week but feel pretty achy and flattened at 8 hours.

Current protocal is 140mg test per week.

How much difference am I likely to feel at say 300mg? 400mg? 500mg?

I dont want to start holding a load of water as that will be totally counterproductive.

I was thinking trying 10 weeks at 300mg then drop back to 140mg?

Any thing I should consider/be aware of doing a blast and dropping back to TRT dosage?

I’m on TRT for the long haul now

If you are cutting, i dont see what would you gain by upping test.
If its only recovery, i dont believe there is a dose dependant benefit.

Yeah its recovery/increasing my power output and ability to sustain large bmvolume training whilst in a defecit.

P.s. cyclist are ALWAYS cutting.

Where does the 140/wk put your test levels? Are you weight training as well?

No weight training. Test right at upper end of normal on bloods taken at trough on a e3d jab cycle.

Why blast then if no weight training? It would aid in muscle growth, what are you hoping to get out of it otherwise? There are other drugs out there if your goals are more endurance and recovery related. I would say 140/ wk is fine for what you are looking for.

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If you are already optimized at the upper end then taking more would not really help in recovery/endurance anymore than it’s helping now. I would wait until winter when you can dedicate some time to muscle building and it won’t hurt you on the road. Then you can blast at 500mg/wk or so and work more on building muscle. I’m a cyclist as well and found this to be the best way. You will put on a little weight but the added strength will more than make up for it. I thought this would be a detriment but have using this technique over the last year. Even if you build over the winter and lose a bit of muscle before you get on the road your w/kg will still be up.

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Higher volume of training. Go harder and recover.

The doms is limiting me to about 8 hours a week currently… I’d like to be doing 12 to 15.

A buddy of mine was a competitive cyclist. He would do a lot of squats. He now powerlifts, but had a good start because of the squats. Might be worth considering if you are going to do a blast.

If performance is really what you are after, 200-250 mg/wk, would be all I would consider for your goals.

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I dont think most AAS would add to what you are looking for outside of what you are already taking. Higher doses of AAS would be for muscle growth, more of the fast twitch muscle fibers associated with power lifting and bodybuilding, you’d have diminishing returns related to endurance and I don’t think it is worth the risk. If you were interested in increasing hematocrit (dangerous), testosterone and EQ would be of benefit, but recover is likely already maximized at your doses. In terms of you asking if you would “feel” different, I feel better at 120mg of test than I do blasting at 700mg. I don’t notice any positive feelings during blast outside of my muscles being fuller.

I feel better or about the same on cruise as well. Forums made me think Test was like being on coke 24/7. Never got that feeling. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I am not supposed to sniff it am I?


many people say that… thats the only reason i will be trying TRT dosages for the first time in my life in a few months…

can u please tell - how you feel on 120mg and what is worse on 700mg?

you are supposed to inject it in your butthole… right? god, please tell me i am right.

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No you must be right. I hear gym bros say they pin their asses.

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Thats why i let them pin my ass also… i always tought u needed a syringe but the old dude in the shower said he will fill me up with testosterone, so i trusted him.

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Interesting the thought that recovery is maxed out around upper normal range- anyone else have a similair opinion on that?

700 and a cruise at 140 is a big difference. How do you feel/perform on 300?

not only recovery, but almost everything… also there is an epic diminised returns principle… if you do 250mg test a week you will experience epic boost in everything when you first start… if you do 500mg a week, you WONT get double of what you would from 250… you might get like 25-35% more of the good, and double the sides.
large cycles of high doses most times only give you like 10% extra of what a mild cycle would do… its the same as it is with training - doing 10 sets for a muscle group will give you great gains and good recovery… doing 20 sets will give you maybe 10% more gains and 50% shittier recovery.

I never saw any difference between 1g of test and 2g of test…
I was on less that 350 for a while, now im doing around 600mg and i dont think i feel any difference also.
Only people who benefit from high doses are people with good genetics, for whom extra 10% means boatloads of size or strenght…
An 800lbs deadlifter adding 10% is epic… a 500lbs deadlifter adding 10% is nothing. So unless you are elite, its probably you wont see any difference by increasing dosages.
I believe its better to add a different compound maybe. EQ is known to be good for endurance, altho i have used it in different dosages and never really felt it like that, but then again i only do high intensity stuff… maybe its different if you are doing long distance stuff.


My buddy who has done this feat is taking 125 mg/wk test with 700 mg/wk Deca. He plans on going up to 1500 mg/wk of Deca. I told him be careful with that one. He wants 850, and responds well to Deca, so we will see. He is under 220 lbs too. Total freak.

I do think adding more, does help recovery, but not as much as one would think. I hardly get sore from the gym on 200 mg/wk.

I also think if cutting, one needs to looks at why they are adding more. On a cruise, Test levels will be good. If you cut right, hopefully you keep most of your muscle. Maybe doubling up might save you a few lbs of muscle for a big cut, but is that really worth the blast. when you could blast after in a surplus and gain more than you would have lost in the cut?

Crazy how much some people think about cutting… i just skipped a mini-pizza in the morning for a few days and lost 6lbs…
if i would stop eating the fattest meat, and eating jelly with dark chocolate 3 times a day, each 700kcal worth, i would just be lean as fuck in 3 weeks :smiley:

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Kinda what I am doing. Just eat a bit less. Working so far. I do think it gets much harder when trying to keep performance up, and trying to get shredded. I am only trying to get leanish, so that has worked pretty well.


Well, i would preffer a blast, that starts with a cut for 3 weeks with brutal deficit, and goes straight into maintenance or lean bulk. Or at least a 12wk blast of 4wk cut and then into 8 week lean bulk.
But yea, best way is to just do it slow on a cruise… it just doesnt work for me mentally as i am all or nothing kind of guy - if i want to lean up, i want abs yesterday :smiley:

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