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How Much Did You Gain on Tren?

Whats the most muscle you have gained on a tren cycle and what was your dosage and length of cycle?

Not sure about gains. Damn near lost my wife though! :smiley:

Real gains, not much.  Who can use tren for long enough to actually build muscle?  I don't think of tren as that kind of drug.  It's something you take precontest for short periods of time.  But to answer your question I've done 4-6 weeks of tren anywhere from 450 to 700mg.   As an add on to test/deca/EQ which are the real muscle builders, IMO.

Tren builds muscle. 5x as androgenic and anabolic was test. In practice, most agree it builds about 3x as much muscle mg for mg as test. (assuming you’re gear is accurately dosed, I would wager that a good 35%+ of gear users have severely underdosed gear, that’s a whole different topic though). People say shit like you can’t bulk on Tren, and that drugs like DBol, anadrol, test etc are “mass gainers”. This dogma is likely due to the fullness you get on the wetter compounds aswell as sheer weight gain. For whatever reason people completely fail to realize that there is a difference between gains in body weight, lean body mass, and actual contractile tissue. On top of that, Tren can make the user appear flatter due to the way it makes you efficiently partition carbs. This adds to the dogmatic idea that it’s not good for size. When it comes to actual contractile tissue, the good stuff, Tren is king mg per mg. Dosage, ester, dosing frequency, time on, and individual response will make your mileage vary.