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How Much Did You Gain Off Bill Starr's 5x5?


Just wondering how everyone gained off it, I'm currently 2 weeks in.


I used a slightly modified version of this (less volume overall) for several years, I used the belt squat in order to work around lower back injuries and the incline bench press more than the flat bench press, which Bill Starr actually prefers if you read his articles in MILO.

For many years early on when I trained I didn't eat enough of the right food, cycled to and from work (90 mins a day both ways) and drank to much on weekends, but using this program I eventually ended up 60LB's heavier than when I started, and that was before I used steroids.

I've said this before, but if you read 'The strongest shall survive' you'll realize just how ahead of his time Bill Starr was when he wrote that book back in the mid 1970's, it's not very different at all to 5/3/1.

I loved it, I used it for a bit too long, and made the mistakes I mentioned above, but to answer your question I made an overall natural gain of approximately 60LB's, I went from about 155/160 to 205/210, then eventually maxed at 230 with less body fat (on da roidz) using 5/3/1, but each time I try and tip that I have got ill and dropped back to about 210, which is where I am now after being ill for a month before Xmas.


I'm also in British Columbia I did 5x5 and my squat went up as well as my deadlift however bench did not Surprisingly I gained about 5lbs in the first few weeks my appetite was wild. I stopped at week 5.


Was the reason you stopped all the volume? The program is great for gaining weight because it really stokes the appetite.

OP, don't be afraid to lower the volume-the program is a good one.