How Much Deli Meat?

How much deli meat do you all eat? Do you try to limit your intake?

If it’s a lean protein - sky is the limit. This applies whether bulking, maintaining, or cutting.

I don’t really eat sammiches, but when i do - I’m expecting an almost 2:1 ratio of meat to bread.


I eat around a pound of Turkey/roast beef every day on a cut.

Unless you are scared of sodium, lean deli meats are a great choice. I like boars head brand chicken and turkey.

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Not much at all.

Sodium restricted diet.


That doesn’t totally fit, but I wanted to.

I get sliced turkey from the counter to try to control the sodium a bit, but I probably have a couple sandwiches a week.

Yep ham and turkey sandwiches if we have it in the fridge. And like @Andrewgen_Receptors said, at least a 2:1 meat to bread ratio.

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Its meat candy to me. A treat, rather than a staple