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How Much D3 Do You Take?


I've been taking one 2500iu capsule a day for the past couple of weeks. I've immediately seen results. e.g. not developing the same cough / cold as my housemate & girlfriend who managed to pass it on to a few other people.

My question is; to those who take more - is there a distinct advantage to consuming more?
Is it generally just a good idea to increase my intake?


I guess it depends on your blood work. If your vit. D levels are in the optimal range, then you're getting enough.

I haven't gotten my vit.D taken yet (soon though) but I take 5000 IU a day. With one day a week where I don't take any of my vitamin supplements.




I was taking 4000 iu/day very consistently for about 4 months then got tested.

My levels were 69 ng/mL Range [32-100]

So I bumped it up to 6000 iu/day. I will get it checked again in late winter to see if the levels hold up during the cold months.


when i feel a cold coming on I take 10000iu a day for about 3 days and it works like a charm.


I just bought a used tanning bed for my wife for her Bday/Christmas present. I'll also be buying a set of nice UVB bulbs. Currently I don't take much over the summer, especially if I have been getting good sun exposure. I'm shirt off guy, if it's appropriate for me to have my shirt off and it's warm enough, I'm taking my shirt off.

This fall I plan on getting the ngl blood test though and then mid winter, I'll take it again with the tanning bed exposure. If I'm good I'll probably just keep the tanning up and skip the supplementation. It's not like the D is expensive, but if I can have my skin make it, I feel it's even better.

Through the past few winters I have been doing 5,000 iu of D3



Thanks for the responses. I've read the D is for Doping article before but it was worth rereading.

I'm going to up my intake to 5000iu per day for the winter; which according to that article is relatively safe.

Is it recommended to take both capsules at the same time; or split them up during the day?


It is Fat soluble so you can take it all at once. Some docs even reccomend a higher weekly dose and one guy even does a monthly large dose. I think it's just personal preference.



I take 10,000 i.u. every other day. I never get sick (even before I supped w/vit d), but my mood is noticeably better,


Around 3000 - 4000iu.
A bit less than the others. Summers approaching so it'l be a bit higher in the coming months.


Immediately? Vitamin D takes at least several weeks to have a noticeable effect...last time I checked.

I take 4000IU daily.


How every many pills come out of the bottle as long as it's more than 5 and less than "a shitload."

1000iu per pill.


If Vitamin D takes several weeks to have an a effect, does this mean seeing increase in blood serum levels at that point? I doubt you will feel like superman, been taking 5000IU for about a month, started 2000iu for a couple of weeks bumped it up.

Acually don't feel that great overall since i started, haven't gotten sick though lol!I plan to get tested it's the only way to know how low i am, don't see much sun if any in winter even late fall being in NYC.


Excuse my ignorance: that was purely anecdotal - highly contagious virus spreading around; I'm in an environment where there's more than a few opportunities to get infected; and people with less exposure than me are dropping like flies. I just automatically attributed that to the vitamin D.

So you're saying that because I've only been taking it a fortnight it couldn't possibly be related?

What does it do for the first few weeks out of interest? The people that consume large amounts in one go -like the guy that Vegita mentioned - do they not have any effects until 3-4 weeks later?


8000iu/day. Have been for a few months, with the occasional 50,000iu pill every so often.



its my understanding that taking more than 5,000 IU shouldn't be done unless your levels test low. That said last time mine were tested they were heinous bad. Per my doc I take 10,000 IU per day will retest soon (test every six months or so)


I take 5000iu starting in late september. During the summer I dont take any. Being outside even just on the weekend seems to work fine.


I take a small handful twice a week. This ends up being basically two large doses a week of 20,000ish IU. So 40,000 a week, or thereabouts.


5,000 IUs daily.


I'm taking 8000ius a day. I test and keep my D3 levels between 60 to 70ng/ml year round.

Thought this a decent article explaining how to take and test D3 levels.