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How Much Curcumin Compounded with Black Pepper Can One Take Safely?

I want to know how much of a typical curcumin/black pepper product you can take safely for joint pain. I rely on it as a substitute for conventional NSAIDs, which I despise. For the same reason NSAIDS are evil, if curcumin reduces inflammation, it could also have adverse effects, as inflammation and the biochemical pathways leading to it exist for a reason.

what you mean by safely ? thats curcumin ! read the labels of the product it always tell you how to consume it safely

No one knows, is he upshot. However, curcumin, or more correctly, its derivative turmeric, is naturally very high in oxalates which, in turn, can lead to issues around kidney stones, etc. I believe is you stick with a good product, you shouldn’t have problems with moderate to high dosage. But I would avoid turmeric itself for reasons stated.

I have experimented several times ceasing my daily curcumin. On each occasion, I experienced a return of a niggling pain from my long-standing shoulder issue. And each time it vanished in as little as a day when I started taking it again (on an empty stomach). It’s probably one of the very few supplements I believe actually work.


It Will blow up your nuts and make you grow titties.

Just kidding.

I don’t take the stuff because it may interact with some meds I already take. Take a look under the header “side effects and safety” and “dosing” .