How Much Creatine?

Hello all,

New to the forum here.
I will be straight to the point. I finished my powerlifting program by 1st of September and from this Monday (4th of Sept) I will start Mike O’Hearn’s power bodybuilding workout routine. I started take creatine for the first time in my life in 28th of August. I was taking 5g per day. 2.5 before working out and 2.5 after I finished my session.
My question is how much should I take now? From the info I gathered from various forums and videos on youtube I should do the loading phase around 5g before working out and 5g after working out for a month and then 1 month off creatine or 1 month maintenance period of 5 g per day?
What should I do?

Thank you in advance

Here’s a recent (if three months is recent) article written about creatine

from what I’ve gathered, there’s no need for a loading phase

There is no need for a loading phase.

There is no need to take a month off,

Just take 5g daily, no need to overthink this. Creatine is one of the no-doubt safest and simplest supplements around.


Thank you for the answers.
I know that is safe but what about your body building tolerance towards it with results of not getting he benefits of creatine after a while?

That indicates a basic misunderstanding f how creatine works.

Did you read the link above?

Yes I read it. Still it says that is no need for loading phase if you take pretty much 5g per day without cycling it.
My main concern is that if my body builds tolerance towards it with only 5 g per day resulting to no getting gains and the benefits from crea.
Correct me if I understood something wrong. English are not my native language

You can’t build a tolerance to creatine. People who recommend taking a break from it are doing so from a general health perspective. I believe if you have no medical issues, it’s less relevant.

Copy/paste into Google translate in your first language: You won’t build a tolerance to creatine.

“Building a tolerance to creatine is like building a tolerance to tacos” -Professor X


Hahaaha ok! thanks you all for the advice!
No I do not have any med issue so I think i am good