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How much Creatine

I’ve read 5 grams a day, 20 grams a day, and upwards of 40 grams a day for creatine!! What is your opinion on the how much creatine one should take? Thanks

I have the best results from ten grams every day, and i do not load.

Start with 20 grams for 3-5 days, then 5 grams each day will do.

Both guys are right!

I load like Myosin, BUT research suggest that you don’t have to…in other words, intramuscular Creatine will get to “saturation” levels without loading…just not nearly as quickly…

The “big debate” these days is this: Do you CYCLE creatine and how often?

Any thoughts?

From personal experience I have found the best results from 3 days loading at 20g a day(5 divided doses), then maintaining it with 6grams a day in 2 divided doses(3g pre, 3g postworkout). I have also read(sorry cannot provide reference) that after seven days whether you load or don’t muscle cells are saturated, but the quality and consistancy in creatine used is perhaps the biggest factor.

Example after tests where performed using both Musclesh_t(for legal purposes) and Prolab the first mentioned needed to be loaded because it was only 60% of actual usable creatine, as for prolab it was 98% and even 103%. This gives us the fact that if you want to be able to have the same amount as prolab using musclesh_t then you would obviously have to use twice as much.

I apologize for the unprofessional conclusion of not being able to provide reference, but this is an actual study that was performed. Not by a competing company as these two companies where not the only one’s tested. Others that turned out descent where champion nutrition, met-rx, metabolic nutrition (I personally use this type for the potassium-glycerol-phosphate) and a couple others where legit as well. Prolab stood out as the best by short though.

I’ve read in numerous places including the holy “T-Mag” site that loading is a scam. What you think?

The way i understand creatine is likened to a glass of water that you add an oz of water a day to. If you start with a full glass, you will only be able to add so much each day, because evaporation only takes so much of the water out, so some is wasted by running out of the glass (piss), but if you start the glass at half full, itll just take a little longer till you reach the point where the water runs out of the glass.

I haven’t cycled off of creatine in a couple years, and don’t plan on doing it anytime soon.