How much Cottage Cheese is healthy?

I’M asking that because I have absolutely no problem downing half a Kilo a day. Could do more.
Mixing it with milk and Sci-MX Whey. Tastes delicious.

When I worked at a grocery store, and they would have in on sale for 2 cups for a collar, I’d easily eat 6 cups during work, then another 2 cups at night at my house. I love the stuff

I’ve never understood these questions.

They are like the “if you could only eat one vegetable…” questions.

Eat as much cottage cheese as suits your goal. If you can eat a gallon and stay lean and gain muscle, then that is the answer. If you can eat 1 tbsp. and you bloat like crazy, then the answer is probably 0.

The only problems you are going to run into, are high amounts of lactose, which most “physique” minded lifters tend to stay away from in higher amounts. For me, I can do a cup of yogurt, or cottage cheese, and be fine. If I venture into the 2 cup territory for too long, I tend to hold extra water weight.

Mix it with Banana Metabolic Drive, Diced almonds and cinnamon! :smiley:


Tread carefully or you may end up doing some damage.

I mix it with grapefruit bananas and apples. I can eat about a quart a day, don’t know what that comes out to in kilos.

At the risk of repeating what Don’t Want None said, if your body reacts well to a food and it fits into your daily macros, then go for it. If the answer is ‘no’ to one of those questions, then you may want to think about excluding it.

Protein pancakes. Yummy.

I can’t stand the stuff!

I wish I did for the benefits but there’s not a chance!