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How Much Clomid?

How many miligrams of Clomid should I take post cycle and how often?  Also how many miligrams of Arimidex should I take while on the cycle and how often??


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200mg of test a week and 200mg of deca a week.


With a cycle that small, probably 1 mg every 3 days of arimdex.

As for post cycle, just continue your test for about 3 weeks past your deca use (just frontload the deca for 3 weeks at the begining of your cycle instead)

Don't bother with clomid use, as it is just more junk your body doesn't need post cycle to normalize.


I agree. Plus it just make you cry like a girl. I am starting my PCT right now after about 14 weeks of 700mg/week test prop and I am not using clomid at all.

I hate that stuff.