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How much clomid with a gram of test. ??

How must clomid do I need to keep estrogenic side effects such as gyno away from using 1000 mg of test/ week ?

By the way I have 22 cytadren left from my last cycle can I use 125 mg daily or would that be a complete waste of the drugs, is there an alternative way - 250 mg the last 3 weeks ??

It depends on what your purpose for the Cytadren is. If it’s antigyno, you’d have
better results using a half tab per day –
I’d take a quarter tab twice per day
in that scenario. If it’s enhancing recovery, and it’s really not necessary for that when Clomid is being used, but could potentially
add to the effect – then better to use
the 250 mg/day (1/2 tab on arising, 1/4 tab six and twelve hours later.)

Whether 50 mg/day Clomid will be sufficient for antigyno, or whether 100 mg/day would be needed, depends on your sensitivity to gyno.

50 mg/day will usually suffice with a gram of testosterone if that is the only aromatizing steroid, especially if combined with Cytadren.