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How Much Cholesterol Is Too Much?

Sorry if this has been discussed. I really couldn’t find a thread or article. A co-worker and I were having a discussion about the cholesterol in protein. This came up becasue he has a friend who is as healthy as an ox (eats rights and works out religiously including much running) who was just diagnosed with high blood pressure.

I don’t know the guy but but he’s 24 years old, one of 6 children, and nobody else in the family suffers from high blood pressure. Apparently my friend also knows someone who is in medical school and the calss had a debate about the health benefits of protein powders.

I know that powders are a great way to supplement but the class brought up the cholesterol content of protein powders. The powder I use has 30 mg of cholesterol per serving and I try to drink at least 6 servings per day equaling 180 mg of cholesterol.

My question is if this amount of cholesterol should be a concern to me and could it be a cause for high blood pressure after years of protein powder consumption?

no it is not significant. if you are having a chol. prob. then that would be from other factors: your diet: your lack of activity: your genetics. You’d have to be chugging down an insane amount of protein powders.

exactly its as or more likely to be those factors hell refined carbs seem to have more of an ability to raise CHO levels. Now if one has a Problem the prob a good choice cut cut back on them until they get it worked out