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how much cheese???

how much cottage cheese you ppl take at night? a cup, table spoon?? Just asking because cottage cheese is expensive over here.

I don’t eat it everyday, maybe every 2 or 3 days, and when I do I tend to eat it at night. Usually I eat a cup full. I hear it is the best protein source for you when you are sleeping. I throw a banana or some raisins in to cut the taste.

Usually I eat enough to get 50g of protein.

It depends. What’s your target protein intake during the day? How are you dividing up your protein intake between meals? How long ago was your last meal? Are you mixing it w/ protein powder? If you don’t know or don’t care about these questions, go for about 35-40 grams of protein at that meal. That’s about 1.5 - 2.0 cups of cottage cheese.

I eat cottage cheese everyday. On most days when I work I only eat it once at night at 2 servings (1 cup). When I’m not working I’ll usually have 2 cups in one day.

Where do you live exactly and why is it so expensive there?

If a couple of cups seems like a lot right before bed (doesn’t bother me), and you want to save your money, eat one cup’s worth which will give you about 25-30 grams of protein, if I remember right.

thanks guys, i live in canada, and cottage cheese is expensive, especially since i can only get it in those little plastic tubs for close to $5.00. I wonder if skim milk powder would do the trick? hmm…

I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and I take the opportunity to eat cottage cheese. I usually eat 16 oz. I also take a full tablespoon of flax seed oil at the same time. Throughout the day I end up eating two or three 16 oz containers. I like the stuff, and here it’s very cheap; I only pay $1.99 for 16 oz

what do you guys use to cut the cottage cheese with?

please don’t tell me you are eating it straight?

I blend mine with Grow. I don’t like cottage cheese by itself much but consume a lot of it in this manner.

I purchase mine through Sam’s Club and buy 48oz tubs. I usually eat 16oz as a serving, and usually one serving a day is enough for me. If I’m going to eat it twice, then I’ll break it up and eat 8oz early in the day and another 8oz later on. A 16oz serving has 52grams of protein (Breakstone’s brand of cottage cheese).

Cottage cheese is not expensive because you live in Canada. I too live in Canada and it’s $1.29 (give or take $0.20) for two cups at Loblaws.

well thats good for you, but i don’t live in a city, i live in a small town with a population of 1100 ppl,…With only 2 stores and the nearest city is 400 km away… so its basically a supply and demand thing over here… oh and gas is 79 cents too…

Yeah, I live in Edmonton, so the cheese is easy to get - so I can’t really help you there. You should know that cottage cheese is not the holy grail of protein though. Really, it’s just a slow-digesting complete protein. Any meat or eggs can suffice. If you want CC because it’s low in fat then you can just eat a lean meat like chicken or tuna.

One thing I’ve found that is really useful is dried cottage cheese. It’s got the same macros as skim cottage cheese, but it’s like little pieces of styrofoam. Not very tasty on its own, but it can be slipped into any sauce undetected. I put it into my spagetti sauce, and it ups the lean protein nicely.

Well then that’s the reason (you living in a rural area) that you can only find expensive cottage cheese, not because you live in Canada. Btw, gas is about $.75 here so you’re not paying much more.

I eat a 1 lb container every night 30 minutes to 1 hr before bed

Hey guys I’m trying to fine tune my diet, its been three weeks on a low carb diet, just chicken,nuts,lean ground turkey,fish, and at least 2 cups of cottage cheese every-day,also grow (low carb), training as hard/steady as usual but not losing weight, could it be the latose sugar keeping the glycogen in my system? thanks

Fast times- It’s hard to tell why you’re not losing weight without seeing what your caloric intake is. Even with a low carb diet, if you’re eating at maintenance you won’t really be losing weight.

Fasttimes–if you are on a low carb diet, check the carb content of the cottage cheese. Some brands are 5-6gr. of carbs per serving and if you are eating a whole container every day that could easily add up to 20-30grs., which could easily screw up a keto diet. Or you are just eating too much (as previously mentioned)

I eat a 250g container (1/2lb) each day, stright from container, but it has to be a certain brand because the others are revolting.