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How much cash/space to replace Bowflrx with free weights?

Alright, i’m finally looking into replacing the Bowflex with free weights. Two big questions though: how much will they cost, and how much space will they take up? And since i have little experience with free weights, i’d also like to know exactly what i need to buy. Thanks all!

Power Cage w/
Flat Bench
Pull Up Station
Dip Station
Seated Row Station

7' Olympic Bar 5'Olympic EZ Curl Bar 6-45 lb Ivanko (OMEZH) Plates 2-35 lb Ivanko (OMEZH) Plates 2-25 lb Ivanko (OMEZH) Plates 2-10 lb Ivanko (OMEZH) Plates 2-5 lb Ivanko (OMEZH) Plates

5-110 lb Power Blocks Dumbells Flat / Incline / Decline Bench

Swiss Ball Jump Rope 10lb Medicine Ball 53lb KettleBell AB Slings Dip Belt 120 lb Heavy Bag 20" Plyo Box

Treadmill Concept II Rowing Machine Recumbent Bike w/ HR Monitor

This is the home gym I have slowly Built it cost about $ 2,500.00 and takes up a 20 x 20 room.


KraigY -

Next time I’m in Santa Cruz, I know where to get my workout in.

I’m a bit confused though. I did some quick math and it seems that unless you bought this stuff for free on Ebay, I have no idea how you only spent $2500.

I agree if KraigY check out Sports Authority at your local store I live in NJ they are having a hugh fitness sale.

example: $99 for a 300lb olympic weight set. $149 for a power rack w/ adjustable bench.

I would go w/ the powerblocks also those I order online though Although if you are just starting out I don’t think you need the 5-110lbs I think 5-85lbs is efficent enough w/ the power blocks which is around $995.
Swiss balls are fairly in expensive around $20-50 SA should have them also on sale.

Medicane Balls range from $20 -100 also.

So you don’t need that much space I say around 500-700 sqft is fine my set up is in the basement. But you probably could get away w/ less space then that. If you have extra bedroom that could be you new work-out spot. Hope this helps

Hope this helps

For higher quality stuff, go to ivanko.com or dynamic-eleiko.com.

The stuff at biggerfasterstronger.com is a good balance between quality and price.

If quality isn’t as much of a concern, you can get an Oly bar and 300lbs of plates from Sears at a really good price.

And as someone else mentioned before, check out E-Bay. There’s always used equipment out there.

I just ordered 300lbs of calibrated Ivanko bumper plates, a BFS Pro-Elite bar and a pair of Muscle Clamps all for around $1200 (including shipping).

I don’t have exact records, but I pieced this together for about 1700-1800… Its in my tiny ass bedroom.

open rack for squats and benches
olympic set w/ extra 45’s
multi-angle bench
decline bench
db’s - only up to 50 lbs. -shitty
jump rope
swiss ball
chin bar
preacher bench
ab wheel
dip belt
dragging sled
agility ladder

I got the treadmill and bike for free! The concept rower and 85-110lb power block add on is on my wish list and is not included in the $2500.

Jason, I just moved in with my girlfriend in Gilroy. Now I actually have a place (Gym) to put all my stuff !!! Come on down for a workout anytime bro!

Look into power blocks since those might save you quite a bit of space. Also a Power-Tower and a X-Vest together could save quite a bit of space as well. The tower/vest will get your back and chest, and I imagine you could get just about everything else with the blocks and a fold up chair or two. Now for Oly lifts your going to have to buy some plates and a bar or two at least (which you mise well use for squats/deadlifts). The blocks I’ve seen for around 500 sometimes less. The tower you can get for less than 100 and the X-Vest is going to be between 150-200. I’m guessing you’re going to need 800-1200 total. Kraig’s set up sounds real good. If you have the room I’d go for that.