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How Much Cardio?


Hello All,

Im including cardio into my regime 3x a week to aid in recovery and also to help get rid of/minimize fat gain, which I managed to gain a lot of on my mid section,due to an over enthusiastic Bulk.I am currently continueing to "bulk" and plan to do so for a long time hence the questions.

Im currently doing 20 mins 3x a week on the exercise bike after breakfast at what I would call "medium" intensity i.e I build up a sweat, and find it hard to breath through my mouth for at least the last 1/3 of the workout.Sorry I dont have a heart rate monitor.Hence the above descriptions :wink:

Anyway I want to know how much is too much in terms of cardio being determental to muscle gains? So should I fit in more or less? and or work harder perhaps some HIIT?



If you feel that your gaining too much fat while trying to bulk then I don't think you have to worry about 60 minutes of cardio a week. If anything it might be beneficial. I'd prolly toss in a bit of low intensity stuff while bulking if I didn't have a job that I get alot of exercise while doing.I'm not saying go out and run a marathon but I don't think what your talking about is gonna be detrimental to your gains in the long run.

PS Don't forget its normal to gain a little fat while bulking. Remember to look at the big picture.