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How much Cardio?

I’m thinking of supplementing my weightlifting with a little cardio. For those of you who do this already, how much/what types of cardio do you normally do?

Hey P-Stone…and to all other T-men,
This is my first posting, so I am under a little bit of pressure here…haha. To answer your question…cardio is soooo important…why did you wait so long?? Anyways, lately I have been doing alot of indoor cardio routines because of the shitty weather in NY right now. I usually fluxuate between a few machines within a 20-30 minute span because I can’t stand to be on one machine for more than 15 minutes. After my workout, I will usually hop on the eliptical for 15 minutes then hop on the bike or stairmaster for another 15 minutes. Other times, I will run on the treadmill for 20 at around 70-75% max heart rate and then get on the eliptical for 10. I don’t know…personally, I like to mix it up to fight off boredom. When its nice outside, I like to get up first thing in the morning and do a 3-5 mile run before breakfast and then maybe an ab routine afterwards. On a side note…I have been staying away from doing any cardio the day after a leg workout, so two days out of the week I don’t do any cardio at all. The other 5, I just mix it up a bit and try to keep them between 20-30 minutes and concentrate on reaching my target heart rate. Hope I didn’t confuse you!! Take care

Try Coach Davies Renegade rope work or his GPP routines.Dont be fooled,they may only last for 12mins but they give you all the Cardio you need to stay in shape.
Plus its real T-man training!