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How Much Cardio is 'Safe'?

Well I don’t want to make an overly informative post, so here are the basics; I have an event coming up in exactly 3 weeks that I want to be leaner for. I would have started preparing a lot earlier, but it was thrust upon me just a couple days ago.

I immediately altered my diet. Right now my the basics of my diet are to eat every 2-3 hours, about 75g of carbs pre/peri/post workout, and close to maybe 300-350g (even 400 sometimes) of protein per day honestly. All my fats are from EFA’s and animal fat. Aside from my workout period I consume no carbs, just protein, fat, and fiber. I’ve found in the past this an effective approach for me.

Now to my question: How much cardio can I do without sacrificing my muscle mass? I don’t care if I don’t gain any size, but I don’t want to lose actual honest to goodness muscle either. I’ve been doing 60 minutes steady state in the morning and another 30 post weight training, but was wondering if I could/should bump it up to a total of 2 hours per day?

I should mention that I’m currently drug-free also, just using a natural test booster, creatine, an NO product, and I have some MHP Expel (diuretic) I plan to use the final few days. Also considering getting some Thiomucase if anyone thinks that would be helpful.

Thanks so much for the help, my apologies that that this got long after all!!

you have 3 weeks? How big are you? How much BF? in 3 weeks loss will be minimal. Can’t say your show results will be much better but who knows?

235 Lbs, about 6’1", training 6 years.

Body fat?

I think you are borderline on cardio volume at 90 minutes a day as is…start the MHP Expel ten days out-I have had good results with that product.