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How Much Cardio Do You DO?

I thought it would be cool to find out what everyones cardio regimen is? I am thinking of starting cardio 5-6 times a week for 45-60min at a decent intensity. Anyone else?

I do non-traditional cardio. For example, I get a good cardio workout doing my kettlebell work or from fun activities like biking, in-line skating, sprinting, swimming or other sports. I will be doing some sled dragging very soon as well. My weight workouts are done at a brisk pace, and at times can be considered a cardio workout. The only time I do traditional cardio (stair master, bike, treadmill) is when dieting. Then I will do 20-30 minutes following my weight training sessions and 30-60 minutes on non-weight training days.

Sprinting one time a week + some vertikal jumping.
Walking insted of taking the car most of the time.
Running up and down all the stairs at work, two steps at a time mostly.
Moving around a lot when I`m teaching.
Out and clubing ones every week, a lot of dancing.

In the future: I´m thinking of the renegadetraining stuff and to use some of the exercises as a finisher one day a week, but that´s something for my next trainingprogram.

don’t do it much. I think it’s a waste of time for me personally.

I do 30-40 minutes 5X/week. The duration you are talking about, may cause too much catabolism.

i’ve started running 1.5 miles a couple of times a week. also pull a sled a couple of times per week. need to drop some fat to make weigh in for a powerlifting competition in 8 weeks. onll want to have to drop 5-6 pounds of water, not 12.

i’ll let you know how it works.

Been doing Coach Davies jump rope work for past few weeks, 6x3 min rounds and shuffles etc in between, first thing in am 5 times pw, good for a change.

I have been doing 1hour seven days per week with no muscle loss. only FASTER results with my fat loss proram. Cardio is not catabolic if it is done at low intensity.
(although I am on gear) John M Berardi has sais he has done 2 seesions 7 days a week (45min & 1 Hour) with no problems.

30 minutes 5 times per week (after workouts on those days). Has really helped with fat loss. No problems and I’m not on anything.

ice hockey 3x a week
1 1/2 hour each

JJ: I’m an “easy gainer” (FAT, not muscle!) So I do A.M. and post-workout cardio, 20 minutes total, using intervals @60%MHR, 4 days a week. Each session is followed by SURGE. Seems to work well for me with my LOUSY metabolism…

I can’t remember the last time I did any decent amount of cardio… [shrug] That’s probably the reason my resting heart rate is about 90 freakin’ beats per minutes! Might have to do something about that… at least I’m growing.

Mufasa, cheer up big guy. I am in the same boat. I like to think that we just haven’t found the right diet for us. But it’s out there somewhere…Haha.

Bulking now, I’ll do Warrior Training when I diet, much more intense than any stationary bike or treadmill. I would sprint, but I get enough of that runnin’ from the cops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: outlaw.

I run 20-30 min 4x per week.

do your cardio!!!.. thats my mantra…i see lots of pretty bodies in my gym and lots of huge ripped guys who look athletic… but neither one is in shape… when at 246lbs i can get guys winded 50 and 75 lbs lighter than me playing basketball then thats pretty sad…if nothing else do it for your health…put it this way what good is a lamborghini diablo if you can only drive it for 6 minutes before it runs out of gas!!! :slight_smile:

In the gym, 2 min on the stairs 4-5 times a week, in the morning before I lift. Evenings, I have rugby, horseback riding, or boxing…some nights I have more than one of them. Weekends, rugby and usually tons of walking.

two 1 hour cardio sessions per day @ 60-70% mhr - 7 days per week while leaning (14 total hours of cardio per week). little to no muscle loss. strength typically holds steady during this time. one 1 hour cardio session per day @ 60-70% mhr - 5 days per week while mass building (5 total hours of cardio per week). modest muscle gain. strength typically increases during this time. i have found that THE key for me is nutrition. with proper nutrition i don’t have to choose sides and can feel good about my physique year round. i have to exercise a bit more patience concerning muscular gains, but in the end this seems to work best for me. kevo

Hey- under what thread would I find Coach Davies’ jump rope program? I searched to no avail- thanks

The Coach’s jump rope is what he uses as a warm up, and is in most of his programs, eg 3 min rounds with 1 min break between during which you perform “other stuff” such as burpees, star jumps, shuffles, vertical jumps etc. 6 rounds and ‘breaks’ is a pretty good cardio, if you want then you can then throw in some other gpp as well (wheel barrow walks, farmers walks etc).Enjoy!