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How Much Can You...

…eat in one sitting?

Probably not the most I’ve ever eaten but following my workout today I hit McDonalds. Yeah yeah, I know.

1 x Big N’ Tasty with Bacon
2 x Cheeseburgers
1 x Medium Fries
1 x Medium Sprite

Total Protein: 118g
Total Carbs: 162g

(Lets ignore the Fat)

Total Calories: 2012g

(As memorized, I worked it out on the spot with their handy menu).

Damn man, I’m not sure if this is the most I can eat but in the winter when I was dirty bulking I ate 2 quarter pounders with cheese, med fry, med coke and then drank a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ale’s while at a poker game. Then I proceeded to eat some dorittos

I once ate a live Liger…bit chewy.

depends on how long ive gone without eating prior to the meal.

i try to eat around the clock so its usually not much

but if i have to go like 3-4 hours without anything i can devour food.

as far as fast food goes id say either something like 14 pieces of pizza or king size whopper meal w milkshake not soda

At Buffalo Wild Wings

1 order of mini corndogs
1 bacon cheeseburger and all the fries
1 slice of cheesecake

Plus the serving of Surge before I left the house.

I used to eat a 2 lb chicken burrito after almost every workout. Never worked out the calories, but I was certainly satisfied afterwards.

I think my worst display of pure gluttony was a post game gorging of 2 Big Mac combo meals super sized. Looking back I can remember waking up the next morning still being full and feeling ill for a few days.

I think 2 years ago I went to BK and had this…

1 tripple whopper
1 quadstacker
2 large fries
1 large coke.

It really depends for me im hit or miss on eating large quanitities,

But I did once eat 3 double quarter pounders fries and a coke.

Whole Little Caesars Hot and Ready Pizza
2 Double Cheese Burgers (McD)
1 Junior Chicken (McD)
Impossible to recall amount of peanut butter

Easily ~3000kcal, if not much more.

5 McChickens.

3 chipotles with rice, beans, steak/chicken, corn, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce

I think I will just quote from “Nation of Sin”, which I wrote a few years back.

[i]Toward the end of my first serious bulking cycle, my coach Steve found plenty of ways to outwit my treacherously high metabolism. He would take me to the pizza parlor ten minutes before it opened, with strict instructions to remain there, stuffing my piehole with their all-you-can-eat lunch special, until the restaurant closed, the staff tossed me out, or I died, whichever came first.

I was never asked to leave, but I nearly passed out from nausea once when I went head-to-head with a sumo wrestler. Every time the big fatso got up for another slice, so did I. My small brag is that I was still there when he got up to leave, but I was sick as a dog after that. Never let anyone tell you different: the forty-seventh slice of pizza tastes nowhere near as good as the first.[/i]

When I was in college, I used to train with a rugby player named Chris. Chris trained hard, had a beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend, and he always had a supply of good weed: three essential qualities in a friend.

Anyway, on one memorable occasion chris and I had a brutal workout, imbibed a bit of hemp, and went to the local Sizzler for their all-you-can-eat special. Inspired by the appetite-inducing qualities of the magical herb, we ate all we could eat. Then we ate some more. Then we had dessert.

By the time we left, we were waddling. We barely made it across Figueroa street without getting hit by oncoming traffic, which in our enhanced state appeared to be approaching far slower than it actually was. Our bellies felt like they were filled with cannonballs, that clanged together and jostled our internal organs with every step.

Chris happened to look up to see the Communications building, a veritable skyscraper rising above the USC campus. “Dude,” he said, “wouldn’t it be cool if that building just blew up, you know, like in Die Hard?”

I considered for a long moment. “Nah, man,” I said. “'Cause then the shock waves would hit us, and we’d fall down, and we’d puke.”

For some reason, this struck us both as just about the funniest thing anyone had ever said, and we spent the next ten minutes laughing our heads off.

So yes, I can eat a lot, when I feel like it.

now, before i go ahead, i was under the influence of the munchies, but i DARE anyone to beat this

-after eating some other stuff (forget, whatever random meat and whatever else plate i broght to my buddies, i ate easily over a pound of peanut butter in one sitting…it was like almost 3/4s of one of those 1 kg jars)

definitly over 5000 calories in one night (starting after dinner time)…my stomach hurt for DAYS

3000 calories in one sitting was pretty average when i was first getting the munchies though

when i’m sober, i think i’ve only topped out around 2200 cals …maybe a little less if you only count when you dont throw up after

edit, i suppose i have to revoke my dare since i am now following the story of somebody who at 47 pizza slices…F

I think my biggest act of gluttony was finishing a 70 oz porterhouse and all the sides…second half wasn’t enjoyable but it was free if you finished it all.

4 16oz steaks with a cheeseburger

20 oz. porterhouse
garlic mashed potatoes
side of vegetables
seared ahi
three or four teriyaki chicken skewers
a salad
some rolls
a plentiful meal’s-end-grazing of everyone else’s leftovers

I think that was about it. Happened a while ago, but I remember it being a pretty fair amount more than normal =P

Ah, one more I forgot about (Which isn’t too uncommon).

Post Saturday Deadlift session:

2 Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizzas

1235 + 1235 = 2470 calores.

114g Protein and 198g Carbs

[quote]swissrugby67 wrote:
Ah, one more I forgot about (Which isn’t too uncommon).

Post Saturday Deadlift session:

2 Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizzas

1235 + 1235 = 2470 calores.

114g Protein and 198g Carbs

Why aren’t you fat