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How Much Can You Shoulder Horn?


How much can you shoulder horn for 8 or more reps?

I got my shoulder horn not too long ago and I'm still doing sets of 20 with 5 lbs to get the movement pattern down but soon I'm going to starting going heavier. My goal is to achieve 30 lbs for 8 reps.


is this a joke?


Okay, I'll bite. What is a shoulder horn?


The point of the Shoulder Horn is to rehab and strengthen the shoulder gridle. I don't advise adding massive amounts of weight as that might have a counter effect to what you are attempting to achieve.


A speaker at SWIS a couple of years back reiterated the need for light weights with this device. He went up to 20lbs on the shoulder horn and blew his external rotators -again.


My max effort external rotation day isn't until Monday but I'll let you know then. I am going for a 1RM with the shoulder horn. I will be using a belt only, not shirt or wraps.


Interesting. What about for your dynamic effort day? Do you do box shoulder horns?


The shoulder horn has never felt natural to me; I'd rather use a bench to support my elbow anyday (or just do a more complex, functional movement scheme).


Yeah I read that too that you shouldn't go heavy. I thought as long as I can still do 8 or more reps and only increase the weight slighty over time I'd be fine. If not I am glad I posted this question and resolved my ignorance!

Isn't the Shoulder Horn the same as the external rotation referenced by Charles Poliquin in his Achieving Structural Balance article?

He says you should be able to externally rotate 9% of your maximum bench for 8 reps.


If I am wrong then what external rotation am I supposed to be doing. Also how heavy is it safe to go with the shoulder horn?


No I only use the box on DE lower body day for dynamic dorsiflexion.

Seriously Dan, I think that 12-15 reps has generally been the been the best rep range for rehabbing my shoulder. Higher reps may work too, but lower than 12 just never felt right to me, and if you have a rotator cuff injury than how it feels should be a good indicator (if it hurts it is too much).

Right now my shoulder feels like it is back to about 90% and I do a set of 10 every now and then but it just doesn't feel as good as staying over 12. But that is just me and I don't know your situation.