How much can you powerclean?

I haven’t done a bench press in about two years. I don’t even really care how much I can bench press to be honest. I do olympic weightlifting. My best powerclean so far is 150kg (that’s 330lbs in American). I can do this at a body weight of 94kg (206lbs), I’m 5’10" tall. So, what can you guys powerclean?

i have never tried to max out on an actual “power clean” , but my best clean & jerk is 250 @ 5"10 and 165 pounds.

I gave Olympic lifting a try for about a year. I competed in the 59kg group and my best clean & jerk was 80kg. Not great, but not bad considering I had only been doing it for about 8 months. I have a friend in your weight class who is doing 160-170kg in competition. I also have a friend who competes in the 69kg class, and he does 140-145kg.

Power Clean was always my favorite exercise. My personal best is 305 for 4 reps.

nic, yeah I also don’t usually do too much work with the powerclean to be honest. I just picked that because not many do the full lifts. So, I didn’t want to make everyone feel left out.

im not for technique but i can hang clean 300.
that was last year in high school havent done a clean since.