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How Much Can You Power Clean?


just curious; how much can some of you guys power clean? what's a good number for the average lifter? I did 205lb's while weighing 165lb's which I think is pretty decent. what's your number?



I Cleaned and Pressed 225lbs. But I weigh 188lbs.


Back in college, I was a decathlete at a Div I school. We did Olympic lifts 3 times a week. After four years of doing that, I can say that technique is very important and takes a long time to really get the hang of. My best was 264 for 2 reps (we did all our maxs with two reps instead of one), at a body weight of 185. Most of the other decathletes were right about the same amounts, including some All-Americans we had. The decathletes probably had some of the best strength to weight ratios on the track team, with the exception of one of our Olympic level high jumpers, who I think did something like 286 at probably 175 BW. I'm not too familiar with what the football guys did.

Now I'm at a BW of 175, 10 years older, post knee surgery, and occasionally manage 245 at the end of a workout. My form's not the same though without a deep full squat catch available to me because of my knee. So that gives you an idea of what some high-level PC strength levels are like.

205 at 165 is a good weight. Just take it slow in progressing. Its easy to add a few more pounds in the power clean at the expense of form, but in such a dynamic excercise, that's just begging for injury. Work on your technique constantly. Now on my last sets, I've always got the problem of splitting my legs to the side too much in the catch phase and catching the bar too low without my elbows up high enough, causing my shoulders and lower back to round. I've always got to resist the temptation to add a few more pounds to the last set until I get the form right at my current weight.


250 @ 185

I train with a guy that can do 365 to 380 @ 295.





a long time ago i set a goal for myself of a 300 pound clean. i now perform hang cleans instead of full cleans, but i'm still closing in on that goal. my best so far is 255 for 3 reps at around 175-180.


145 kg (320lbs) @ 96kg(210lbs) bodyweight


Last Max out I got 275 at a BW of 220.
My Lifting partner got 305 at 200. Hopeully these will go up after another off-season.


seems like most of you guys know what your doing when it comes to cleans. any tips/excersices, or maby even a specialized workout program I can do to up my clean? thanx.



right now i can power clean 245 @195.
my best was 275@190.

in august i snatched 205 @ 195. i consider that snatch a better lift than my clean.

my friend can powerclean 405@ 250. yeah..its pretty damn impressive to watch.


hang clean 230 @ 165 was my best


I haven't Power Cleaned for about 7ish years and the other day I did 315lbs. very easy on a challenge. I Deadlift a lot and do dynamic work, maybe this has something to do with it, I know form is huge though!


225# @ 151# in 1984


I haven't incorporated cleans in my workouts for about 6 months, but in march i was pc'ing 235@163. I'm 170+ right now and have no idea as I've been really lazy with leg training.


In college I was a shot putter/discus thrower/hammer thrower (Div 1). Did cleans/snatches 4-5 times a week. They were the majority of our
workout(s). It's been almost five years, but my senior year I cleaned 385 at 255 bodyweight. I worked out with a couple 400+ cleaners. Never got the the 4 bills mark. Every once in a while I goof around just see what I can do. I can still get 275 for three with relative ease. I'm weighing anywhere from 250-260 these days....not anywhere near the shape I used to be in!



I worked up to 315 for 2 two months ago at 215lbs bodyweight. Hand't done them since high school football season and never really liked the OLY lifts or their variations. This was at 215lbs BW. I did them after Box squats on my dynamic effort squat/dl day in place of speed pulls.

The reason I tried them was b/c I HATE deadlifting even more than olympic lifts, and since then I've been doing six to ten singles with 225 in the power clean in place of speed pulls every other DE squat/dl workout. I need to work on form, though. Right now I am just basically doing a ballistic deadlift and racking the BB without any squat/dip upon the completion of the lift. I owe that to the hundreds of box squats and good mornings done over the last year or two.

Doubt I could snatch or OH squat more than 100lbs, though. I'd end up hitting the deck with my PL'ing squat technique, though I did manage a set of ass-to-heels oly squats just for kicks on a ME squat day last week for 10 reps (405).


Power Clean, 330x2
Clean&Jerk, 385
Power Snatch, 264
Snatch, 308


So far i've managed 202lbs @ 198lbs bw


I haven't maxed, these are personal bests that come during my last sets of cleans. I could probably squeeze an extra 10 lbs or so. 195 bw.

hang clean 255
power clean 245


Bodyweight 180

Power Clean 250
Clean Jerk 235
18 yrs. old