How Much Can You Increase Natural Test?

Hi guys,

Around 2 months ago I had a test back showing that my free test levels were 59pg/ml. I was pretty depressed at the time of the sample, I wasn’t working out, I collected it at around 12:30 when it should have been collected at 9:00 and I had only slept about 5 hours, so I think my true baseline would be closer to the 75pg/ml mark. How much is it possible to increase this by? I want to try and get it up to 100pg/ml by lifting heavy and taking some supplements that you guys suggest. How much is it possible for someone to increase their levels by and how would they do this?

Also I’m considering doing what it says on the ‘Your doctor, your dealer’ article, but if I can get it high naturally, then I won’t bother.