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How Much Can You Eat?!


Have any of you ever tried one of those big eating challenges? I saw a program last night about a dude who tackled the Sasquatch Burger (google it) - a 7lb meat-feast.

1300 have started it.
4 have succeeded.

Also, I'm hopefully planning a trip to the US; anywhere you would recommend I go for a chow-down challenge? I'm willing to travel far to eat:

a) a massive
b) tasty
c) steak/burger


Mmmmm Man vs. Food is the greatest show EVER!!!

Anywho, I live in the Philadelphia area in the US. There is a cheesesteak place, and come on, everyone knows how awesome and famous philly cheesesteaks are, calle Tony Lukes. They have the best cheesesteaks in philly, and they have a 5lb cheesesteak challenge.

I'll be doing it soon, very soon.

Anyone in the philly area wanna do it with me?!?!


I've never had a cheesesteak. I don't think they do them here. Might make one myself.

Is there an art to those challenges? Any preparation that can be done?

Also, did you see the size of the sasquatch burger? the Bun was MUCH bigger than his face.


I smoked some weed and ripped through 15 scoops of blueberry ice cream with walnuts in like 10 minutes

if you have some ferocious munchies these challenges are nothing!

it was a hell of a sight! I was laughing my ass off and just wrecking the ice cream...was super bummed out when I hit the bottom of the bowl. I didnt even care about the picture on the wall or tshirt! All that mattered was more ice cream, which I didnt get.


UGH!! You don't know what you are missing brother! Philly cheesesteaks are the SHIT!

As to the art, I have no idea. That guy adam on man vs. food eats alot, and I mean he crushes challenges on a consistent basis that only like 4 others have ever done before him. The man is a beast.

For this cheesesteak challenge it's a 20 inch roll, with 2.5lbs beef, 2 lbs cheese, and like a 1/2 lb fried onions. It's the equivalence meat and cheese wise of 6 normal cheesesteaks. Just less bread.


I'm looking to do a 70+ oz steak challenge. Just trying to find one in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area. No luck finding one so far.


LMAO!! I thought of smoking a fat dutch before I go for the challenge. I kinda stopped smoking though with the new GF, maybe I can get her to agree to it hahah!


Its really the only way I could imagine getting through that cheese steak. Your girl needs to be schooled on the power of the munchies. Make sure you go with someone who is sober so they can remind you not to forget your prize.


I see she's keeping you on a short leash - where have you been?

On topic, I saw that sasquatch burger on tv last night too - bloody insane!


This. Seriously.

Also... when preparing to conquer one of these food challenges, do NOT stop eating before hand. I mean, wait at least 3-4 hours to eat the big meal after your last meal but I find when I stop eating to prepare myself for a massive food conquest, I actually get a little less hungry.


If you want to travel to Texas...here ya go- http://www.bigtexan.com/

Edit: World record holder is clocked at 8mins 52secs.


Haha she's a sweetheart! I just kinda fell off the T-Nation wagon for awhile, still goto the gym do my thing there, work and school. I'm back now though, to terrorize all the gheys and tards of T-Nation!!!

That dude adam on man vs. food fucking downed 4 monster milkshakes out of 5, which is the equivalence of 12 milkshakes!! Noone has broken that challenge in like 100 years, but damn, he came close!


I only saw half of the program. So this guy sounds above average in his eating abilities. If that is the case, then I envy him. And then marvel at the challanges that he failed at, yet others succeeded.

And I don't suppose it matters, but the guys who actually finished that HUGE burger looked pretty small.

As for the Big Texan thing, how can you do that in 8 minutes and 52 seconds? Blows my mind. But when I'm next in america, and that's hopefully within a couple of years, I'll have built up enough courage to visit one of these fine institutions.


I live in NJ so Texas is a bit far. I did however find one in Long Island. Interesting....



I haven't tried a big eating challenge yet, but yesterday, I decided to eat 2 triple whopper meals from burger king, just for fun.

1 triple whopper weighs in at 1117.5 calories
1 portion of regular fries is 300 calories.

Multiplyed by two to give a total of:

2835 calories

I felt pretty sick, but I was pleased with myself.


In high school my friends and I had a few eating challenges. We did the 1 gallon of milk in 1 hour challenge. We had a chicken nugget challenge - that was 3 people trying to kill 150 nuggets (which was damn tough in high school). One time we had an ice cream challenge - trying to kill a gallon of ice cream in an hour. This was the only one no one finished. Has anyone ever thrown up ice cream? It comes up real slow and just as thick as it went down. It wasn't fun.

Edited for spelling.


This past weekend I finished off a 40oz prime rib dinner. I didn't eat all the fat, but it was probably 10oz worth. And I had two rolls, some greens and some artichoke hearts before as an appetizer. The cook gave me a hat, I didn't even know there was anything to be won, it was just really good and I hate not finishing a plate of food.



I failed the 4 pound burger plus 1 pound fries...

I think for me the secret weapon next time will be A1 sauce.... the burger meat gets to repetative otherwise....


YES this is the place to go ... from what my bro-in-law told me. I'm guessing it's similar to the steak in The Great Outdoors?


Close. The one in The Great Outdoors was the 96'er. No way I could handle that. Don Schula has a restaurant in NYC called Schula's Steakhouse that has a 48oz. I'm going to try that next weekend and see if I can move up to the 76'er.