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How much can you deadlift

I guess i would just like to compare my deadlift with others. im 17 and can deadlift 435lbs@165lbs.

If you really deadlift that with good form i’m impressed. You should do some powerlifting. That weight would put you up at the top of the 165 pounders in your age group. I’m also 165 and my PR was 475. Not too bad but I need to up that a bit for my age group. I’m 20 now.

I recently deadlifted a car, a horse, and some fat dude. I’d say I’m doing about 1,500-2,000lbs at 150lb bodyweight. I’m a strong mofo!

That is an excellent deadlift for your age and size.

My best as a natural was triples at 455 at I would think 180 lb. This was with straps however, but on the other hand, with extremely smooth liftoff which is not the way to get the highest weights you possibly could. I discontinued doing deadlifts after that because I decided to train for appearance and “good strength” rather than for the most strength I could but with appearance be damned. (My hip measurement would be too big if I were still deadlifting.)

There was also the consideration that the deadlift was my ONLY good lift, so there was no way I was going to accomplish anything in powerlifting anyway. Having a big ass 365 days per year for the sake of maybe competing in a deadlift-only contest once per year, did not make a lot of sense to me.

I do regret it a little because one of the first things that really inspired me in weightlifting was the pic of Franco Columbu (with dog looking on) DL’ing something over 700 lb. I really wanted to DL 700.

Nate Dogg, that’s pathetic! C’mon, I know you’re a modest guy and all, so I’ll spill the beans for you. Nate Dogg REALLY did a DB bent-row with that weight (in each hand). He did that with an early-morning hangover after partying all night following the recent EcoChallenge, where he managed to navigate the entire course while walking BACKWARDS - on his hands. You should have seen him, upside-down in a handstand, going up the ladder out of the caves. Oh, by the way, Nate didn’t need any food…you just can’t keep him away from those leeches! I think he read somewhere that the little critters were perfect for getting HUGE and getting RIPPED at the same time.

I did have to use wrist straps. But my one rep max estimate is 410lbs. (5’10", 185lbs.)

I’m 15 down to 170 lbs (thank god for the fat fast)and deadlift 355lbs without straps.Might add that this is one of my best exercises.The one that i exel at.By the way the 1-6 principle worked great for me!

Now we’re in MY world. This is my BEST lift! I can do 515 for 3 and do sets of 8-10 with 435, at 6’3" and 200 pounds while dieting for summer (finally, these long arms are good for SOMETHING!)

J-Dogg, what’s up man? Why are you telling everyone my secrets? I don’t want anyone else trying that new leech technique. It works better than T2 and MD6 ever could! LOL! Oh yeah, you busted me too. You’re right, I did those lifts bent over with the weight in each hand. But the toughest part was the ECO-Challenge walking backyards on my hands. You should see the calluses that have built up on the palms of my hand! LMAO! Good one bro!

Best deadlift is 425x2 at 187 lbs, no straps, just chalk and a belt. BTW, form is conventional NOT sumo.