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How Much Can Them Bi’s Take?

Trying to bring up my biceps a tad faster so I’m wondering how often I can blast them. I have dumbbells so twice a day is possible. I’m also “enhanced” (400mg test cyp only). Diet is on point.

Basically wondering how much I can work them before it is redundant.

Theoretically, when undertaking high frequency training, “redundant” volume is volume that incurs a stimulus:fatigue ratio of 1 or less. To get around that, you must find ways to keep a high stimulus whilst minimising fatigue. Two strategies you can use are:

  • Emphasise the fully shortened position
  • Use blood flow restriction

Exercises that are hardest in the fully-shortened position incur less muscle damage and greater metabolic stress than exercises that are hardest in the fully-lengthened position. Bicep exercises that are hardest in fully shortened are:

  • spider curls
  • anything with bands
  • crucifix curls
  • Cable/band curls with the cable/band anchored between hip and shoulder height

Blood flow restriction training also maximises metabolic stress whilst minimising muscle damage. Additionally, it has been shown that the hypertrophy illicited by metabolic stress with BFR training is greater than the hypertrophy illicited by metabolic stress without BFR training.

Combine those together, and banded BFR curls would probably maximise the frequency with which you can stimulate your biceps, whilst minimising total muscle damage and fatigue

Thank you for the long response that did not address my post. We all are in awe of your vast knowledge.

I’m not trying to be a dick but when people do this it’s fucking annoying. I don’t need you to explain to me in scientific terms and describe different types of movements and their ability to target muscle fibers etc etc.

I SIMPLY asked how often I can hit them.


I apologise if my post was unclear. What I was trying to discuss was that no one can tell you how many sets you can handle, because that will depend on what type of training you’re doing. If you were doing lots of stuff similar to what was listed above, you could train far more frequently than if you were hitting 8-12RMs of DB incline curls.


Apparently I need to go above in beyond to explain myself. A muscle fiber once broken down needs about 72 hours to heal enough to be worked again. Hitting it before that time period would hinder the growth process. That’s how a natural body would work. I am not natural. I do not need 72 hours for my muscles to heal. I believe they heal at a rate of 3:1. Meaning they would be okay at 24 hours between damaging the fibers. Making twice a day redundant.

A SIMPLE answer would be every other day. Or every day. That’s it. At this point I’ll wait on other people to chime in if they choose to do so.

I’ll chime in. Drop dead, asshole.


Typical. Bro see others talking and chimes in. Great character sir. :+1:.

Okay I’ll try one last time.

You don’t actually need to damage a muscle fibre to stimulate growth, if you provide the muscle with a big metabolic stress stimulus.

You can train several times a day if you picked a method that created lots of metabolic stress and minimal damage, which I already talked about.

You have to train much less frequently (at least 48 hours between sessions, as a general rule) if you use a training method that illicit lots of muscle damage, like heavy efforts that stress a lengthened muscle.

Simple indeed.

Train them every day bro. Use bent arm deadlifts for overload.


Thank you sir.

You should not actually use bent arm deadlifts for overload.

I don’t…

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How often do you think Wolverine could train biceps?


Depends if he’s on blast or cruise.

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Meh. Fair enough.

In fairness, it’s hard to join in a conversation if others aren’t talking.

But I see @EyeDentist answered your question pretty well above.


Are you sure? The information he provided was entirely relevant based on your question.