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How Much Calcium Do You Consume?


What's you best estimate? Do any of you supplement calcium? How much?


I need more calcium in my diet.I'm not quite sure how much I regularly consume, i'll count it up soon. I don't want to take any more supplements daily, three is enough for me!


I probably get at least 1.5 grams a day, 1.7+ if I'm eating cheese. At one time I was getting over 3 grams a day, and don't recommend trying that. For most adults more than 2 grams a day causes constipation (the painful logs like baseball bats kind) and now that more information about calcium as an anti-nutrient comes out I worry that it can impair the uptake of other minerals. I have a bone density issue, and as my doctor pushed my calcium intake up, my vitamin D levels went down, negating the ability to do anything with the calcium. Given the huge number of aging men and women in our population who are taking big doses of calcium twice a day I think that we're going to start learning a lot more about how it affects us.


Those who use protein powder and also are wondering if they should supplement with calcium should first stop and notice how much calcium they are already getting from the protein powder.


Bill how much do you recommend?


1000 mg per 100 lb of bodyweight. This need not be anything like exact and if for example consumption due to protein powder or milk puts one above this, there is no need for concern.


Thanks Bill, I've just recently purchased some milk protein powder which has a high calcium content. I think I'm covered.


Most people get more than enough calcium into their bodies. What happens is, if you get too much sodium concentration in your blood, you end up actually secreting calcium into your system to balance your body's Ph levels.

Getting enough potassium could be a more effective way of getting the calcium you need where you want it than taking extra calcium.


That doesn't make sense to me and I know of no evidence for it. Do you have something based on hard science (as opposed to a popular book or article) showing this?

Not that I don't understand completely reading something from a popular source that sounds credible enough and posting it. That's entirely reasonable to do.

There's nothing about consuming more sodium that has an effect on blood pH. Nor does the body have to go into negative calcium balance to deal with blood pH. Perhaps both have been said in popular books and articles -- certainly the second has -- but neither is true.


I eat canned sardines and salmon with bones, loads of green veggies, and 2 servings of cottage cheese per day. How much Ca do I get? I don't know, but I know I'm covered.

I don't see the need for over-concern for micronutrients if one consumes 2,000 calories per day, adequate protein amount, and 6 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day.