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How Much Caffiene In HOT-ROX?


I tried a search, but only got errors. T-Nation shipped me a sample bottle of HOT-ROX along with my shirts, so I figured i'd give it a shot to see what it felt like. I doubt any noticeable effect could ever possibly occur with a 4 day supply. Within an hour of taking HOT-ROX, my sinuses had completely cleared. This is great for me, as I just ran out of sudafed (this actually works better imo). How much caffiene is in these pills, or is the effect from something else? I might become a regular coffee drinker, lol.



HOT-ROX is a proprietary formula and in order to prevent others from copying it, the exact amount isn't disclosed. It's actually a pretty small amount though. I can't say I've ever noticed that effect (I often have sinus infections which produce horrible headaches) but if it were something, it would likely be a combination of the Sclaremax and caffeine.