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How Much Caber for 250mg Tren/Week?

What’s up guys,
I’m looking to run test e and tren ace for my 3rd go. I have been on a TRT dose of 250mg per week for the past couple months. I didn’t plan on running more than 250mg of Tren per week. I’ll be running the Test at 500mg per week. Aromasin EOD at 12.5 seems to manage any E2 problems. I have had bloodwork to determine that. My question is will I need to include a specific amount of caber weekly to manage prolactin at that dose of tren. My plan was to keep it on hand if needed. I have 20 tabs at 1mg a piece. Also, if I notice any prolactin issues what dosage do you all start with the caber? Trying to ensure I have enough on hand in case issue arises.

Much appreciated gentlemen.

With that dose of tren, you will likely be okay with taking P5P (B6) at 200mg a day. It depends on the individual but I personally do much better with TRT dose of test and 400mg Tren. At 400mg, I would suggest taking caber from the start at .25mg twice a week.

Appreciate that feedback nellanightshade. Caber is coming in 1mg tablets so hopefully I can break them up. How long would you run the tren? 8-10 weeks at 400?

Honestly, I go until the sides become too much to deal with. Make sure to do LISS cardio for heart health and keep an eye on your bloodwork.

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