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How much bloody protein?

I’ve read several articles on T-mag where all have contradictory ideas about protein consumption. I’m 167lb 16%BF trying to bulk up to about 185lb. I have already put on about 3lb in the past two weeks since I started lifting again (i was on a 5-month break :slight_smile:
Now, I want now to make sure to put on as little fat as possible. I don’t want to take “supplements” other than “pure creatine” and “whey protein”, so I’m left with my diet and workout to make me reach my goal.
The question is simply this: How much bloody protein do i need to take to bulk up? Some articles say 1.5g/lb (250g a day!), which seems ridiculous to me, but correct me if I’m wrong. Another article I read here says that anything over 0.8g/lb (135g a day) is a waste and won’t be absorbed by your body.
What the HELL? If that 0.8g/lb is a scientific fact, why does everyone on here say that 1.5g/lb is the way to go? Please, just give me a number to start from. Thanks in advance.

Sometimes, it’s just about calories. But often there is a lot of “fine-tuning” that needs to be done. Types of foods. Timing of foods. Etc.

Most people really started seeing improvements when they really upped their protein. Is the science 100% on their side? No. But it really worked for them.

You theoretically don’t “need” that much protein. Your body can only assimilate so much protein per day, and it doesn’t retain very much (quantity wise) no matter what you’re doing. A pound of muscle is nowhere near a pound of protein. But the retention seems to go up if the amount consumed increases.

1g per pound is a really good starting point, and learning to get that much in is tough enough. Start there. Consume enough food to grow. If you’re gaining too much fat, start transferring carb grams to protein grams.

Onbe person says this, one person says that. I would suggest making sure you’re getting enough calories, and on a suitable diet for YOU(high protein/high fat, 40/30/30, high carb,whatever is best for you). Then start off with 0.8g/lb, and adjust accordingly. When you up your protein,you may find you have more energy,and put muscle on faster. Again,one expert says this, one says that, it all starts and ends with you!

The general guideline for athletes is 1.6-1.8g per kg body weight/per day. There are other ways of factoring it in, if you are using a specific macronutrient ratio, then you can simply determine your daily total kcaloric intake and the % of protein based on maintenance or bulk cycle kcals will be suffice.

Depends on training age, androgen usage, etc.

Generally speaking I'd go w/ 1.25g/lb of LBM (not total body weight), to ensure 1g of commplete protein/lb of LBM, since incomplete proteins will be found in other foods such as grains and vegetables.

Lastly, I would recommend you cut down to about 10% before attempting to put on lean body mass.

For your weight I would aim for 200-250g a day. Try to get most of it as regular food (meat, fish, veg) and then supplement with Whey and Cassein to reach your target intake. Variety is key :o)

I think a lot has to do with the quality of the protein as well. .8g/lb may be perfect if using whey isolate, milk isolate, calcium caseinate. 1.5g/lb if using vegetables and beans to suppliment all your protein needs. All protein is not the same.

Joel brings up a very good point. When I say that I’m eating 2g per lb of protein a day, I am certainly not getting it entirely from animal sources. My beans and vegetables are included as well.

damn Joel took my suggestion :slight_smile: you need to lose some body fat first before you can bulk nicely. By doing that you will prime the body into lean mass gain. A gram of protein is always better then a gram of carbs or fats. You can manufacture both carbs and fat from protein even though some fats are essentials. Go with atleast 1gram per pound. I’ve been doing 1.5 grams/lb consistantly for a long time and my kidneys are fine. laters pk