How Much Artificial Sweetener Do You Use?

I have been listening to Fouad Abiads podcast and he recently had John Meadows on. During the interview John mentions how he was really surprised with how much Splenda Foaud uses in a day…it was around 15 packets. Really? That is a lot? I am not saying it is healthy or should be done but, I have put more than that in my cream of rice.

Does make me wonder if I should cut it out though. See if I notice any difference.

Personally I use some in my morning oats, in the occasional cup of coffee and a diet Snapple here and there. It always seems to me that people truly knowledgeable agree that the “dangers” are overblown in mainstream media. Of course when you’ve got someone taking tons of PEDs and who knows what for years on end overly concerned about a little artificial sweetener, you might want to look at your priorities -lol



I use 4 packets of Equal a day with two cups of coffee.
One at breakfast one at 2pm for an afternoon pick-me-up.

What you described is far under 15 packets a day though - I totally agree that the dangers may be exaggerated, but I think we can safely assume artificial sweeteners are, at the very least, like everything else - okay in moderation, harmful in excess. Hopefully that’s as bad as they get.