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How Much Aromasin for my Estradiol Levels?

So I’m 24, 210lbs and 15% bodyfat. I aromatise strongly. My last bloodlevels were:
Testosterone: 626 ng/mL (300 - 1100)
Estradiol: 39.4 pg/mL (10 - 40)
My estradiol is a little high. I don’t take aromasin right now, how much should i start taking to get it down to a normal level, let’s say 20 pg/mL? 12.5mg ED or EOD?

i’d go with 12.5 ED, and adjust as needed.

aromasin is fast enough acting that it’s easy to adjust if it’s too high or low…

EDIT: also, aromasin makes me drowsy as shit, so i’d suggest taking it at night.

also, healthy levels of E2 for men are typically between 20-30, and you can see some uncomfortable side effects when you go lower…

Are you taking any PEDs? If so what and how much? Unless you’re really tall I doubt you’re 15% at 210 natty. So you’re probably more like 25-30%, which means you need to lose fat, not take Aromasin.

If you’re natty and insist on taking an AI, I’d get liquid aromasin and start at no more than 5mg every night, get bloods checked every week or two until you’re close to 22 pg/mL. 12.5 ED crashes my estrogen when I take 750mg Test EW.

Whatever dose you start at doesn’t matter so much, just keep getting bloodwork and adjusting until you’re in range. There’s really no other way to do it.

I’m 185 cm (6’1"), my body fat was calulated with both navy and 3 site skinfold technique. I have been thinking about doing a cycle back in September, but i never got to it, maybe this summer. My fat free muscle mass is 180lbs, by most genetic muscular potential calculator my max natural fat free muscle mass should be around 190lbs. I started 12.5 EOD and in 2 weeks i’m going to do another bloodtest.

If you can at all I’d dose aromasin ED. I take mine at night with my last meal for better absorption and because it makes me tired. I know it’s hard to break the tabs into quarters to dose it at 6.25mg ED, which is why I use liquid research chemicals. Also, they’re much cheaper. And easier/faster to acquire. Aromasin has a 9 hour half life so if you’re going 48 hours between dosing that can lead to pretty big swings in estrogen levels.

Sounds like you know how to train and diet and have built a solid foundation if you decide to take the plunge. IME calipers read about 5% lower, but guessing body fat percentages is mostly a crap shoot and unnecessary. Post some pictures and a cycle plan. There’s plenty of guys here that can make sure you do everything right from the start.

In a TRT context, 100mg T/week and levels higher than yours:
1.0 mg anastrozole in divided doses works well. 0.75mg/week might work well.

E2=22pg/ml - 80pmol/L is a good target for energy, libido and fat loss/patterns.

Do not know aromasin dose/response.

Anastrozole is typically less cost than aromasin.

Note that some are anastrozole over-responders [genetics]; who need to take 1/4th the expected dose. No way to know in advance. Not known if those need less aromasin.

Liver clears estrogens and high E2 can indicate a problem. AST/ALT labs are useful.

@nagyb do you have any results? I’m in the same situation as you… hope u could help me

@offcycle 12.5mg Aromasin EOD borught back my estradiol levels from 40 to 22, which is considered ideal. Than i switched to 6.25mg EOD, but i started to compete in a drug tested sport, so i stoped after a month. How you react to Aromasin can be very different from person to person, but 12.5-6.25mg EOD can be a good starting point and you need labs to confirm, if it’s the right dosage. I actually planing to do another lab just out of curiosity in a few weeks, to see how my levels are after 2 years off of aromsain.

How long do you use aromasin?

I use 6.25mg for 5 days then stopped… gonna do blood works in 2 weeks!

Thanks for the reply mate :slight_smile:

Ideal for whom?

I’d feel like shit if my E2 was 22 on cycle

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KSman said it:

Yes, that is the ideal number according to that crackpot who has performed zero examinations on anyone and who speaks authoritatively about things that are highly subjective. Now please show me some actual science that says it’s the ideal number for all men in all cases. Until you can find that (hint: that study is being closely held by Santa Claus) you should assume that your body is in fact slightly different from the next guy’s.