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How much armidex

My 8week cutter:

75mg trenbolone acetat EOD
250mg Testo enanthate E4D

I have enough oral armidex to run 0,25mg ED. Will this do the jobb or shal I get some more?

My pct is clomid and/or nolva!


That should be enough, you’re not doing too much gear. Everybody is different, if you feel tenderness, you will need to bump it to 50mg.

The amount of Arimidex is plenty. Actually, it might me overkill. You’re not running a huge amount of Test, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I would prefer to use Nolvadex in place of it, especially for this cycle. In my past experiences, Nolvadex worked alot better and kept me dry and tighter than any Arimidex I used before. But this is just my personal experience… we all react differently with certain chemicals. Good luck.

That would be too much A-dex for me.

Tnx! This is my first armidex experience. Ill keep you uppdated!


What sides do you get from to much adex?