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How Much Arimidex with Test/Dbol/Winstrol Cycle?

How much arimidex should I be taking Ifneeded I’m currently blasting 500 mg teat a week moving it up a notch to 750 mg soon and am going to be adding in some dbol at 40 mg a week and than I’m cycling winatrol at the end of my cycle I was taking it but I thought I would save it for the end as it could be counterproductive to the dbol

I agree the winstrol should be cycled at the end for liver health, but disagree it would be counterproductive with the dbol. Anabolics pretty much always stack, the more you take the bigger your gains.

As far as Adex on that cycle, I would take a baseline amount of about 1mg/week, and take more or less as needed. Get some blood work done after a couple weeks on cycle and see if you need to adjust the baseline amount of Adex. Honestly it varies a lot between individuals. So guys need a lot, and some guys don’t need any.

That being said, if you don’t know how your body responds to Adex, then you probably want to do a more beginner cycle to start.

What high e2 symptoms are you experiencing?

You shouldn’t take any unless you have a need for it.

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As others said the AI is more of a ‘take as needed’ drug, but with Test that high plus Dbol is probably a likely scenario. I’ll assume you’re pinning 2x per week so a dose of .25mg-.5mg/ea pin would be my starting point. Its individual so there is no one answer fits all.