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How Much Arimidex with 500mg Test/Week?

Hey guys in new to this. So bare with me. So I’m on a 500mg test E cycle weekly. I’m on week 5. I was wondering what ur guys advice was on how much arimidex I should take weekly?

Some disagree with me but I am a strong believer to never use an AI unless you know you’re experiencing high E2 sides. It’s much easier to lower high E2 than to get your E2 back up after crashing it with an AI. I don’t need an AI with even a gram of test, I think very few people actually need one with 500mg a week. Remember, estrogen isnt the devil. You need it to build muscle. I believe that your E2 should be proportionate to your test levels. Why would your E2 levels be in the normal reference ranges for a natural healthy male when you have super physiological levels of test?


I totally agree with u 100% it’s way easier to lower then it is to get back up there after it’s crashed. Just trying to get some advice on arimidex. I’ve only tooken nolvadex on past cycles

And also what is ur out look on running tren next. Thinking about running one in about 5 weeks which it will be my first one

He gave you advice on Arimidex, take none unless you have noticeable sides that truly dictate the use of it.

You don’t need Tren as a beginner to AAS use. There’s plenty of less risky and less damaging drugs out there before resorting to Tren.

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Like what

TBOL is a great kick start. Good lean mass gains with no bloat

What does TBOL compare to??? And how would I run it. Sorry about all the questions

The description that gets thrown around is that it is like dry Dbol. It isn’t as strong mg/mg, but it doesn’t convert to E2, and is less androgenic, while being still pretty anabolic.

Most will either run it at the beginning or end or the cycle typically for 6 weeks. Generally it is run around 40 mg/day split into two doses (although some only take one dose as it has a pretty long half life for an oral of 16 hrs).

Ok I might look into that. Thank u everyone. I’m open to any info that anyone has for me

I got to week 5 (500 text and EQ) and noticed my nipples were there all of a sudden. At one point just my shirt touching them made me itch and burn like crazy.

I started .25 of Arimidex on Mon and Thurs and after 1 day everything was going away so I will take one more this week and stop.

Hopefully I just needed this little bit to drop my levels enough

.25 ml??? Ya I haven’t experienced nothing yet. And hopefully I don’t. Hahahaha.

Ha, .25mg

Basically I quarter a 1mg pill

Mine is liquid that’s y I was asking