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How Much Arimidex when Starting Test E 350mg Cycle?


Hello. Tomorrow I will start my test E cycle of 350mg a week, 250mg injected e5d.

Im currently on TRT 140mg a week dosing 0.25mg arimidex on injection day and the day after, adding up to total 1mg of arimidex a week.

How much arimidex do u think I should use when doing 350mg of testosterone, and WHEN should I start upping my arimidex dosage, tomorrow when I start the cycle or a couple days after or what?

Thanks in advance


Someone wanna help?


what is your height and weight? why are you only doing 350mg?


Im 178cm and 75kg. Should I do more? I thought 350mg was a good first cycle no?


Truthfully, its a waste of test, thats only 150mg more than what im taking and i am on TRT.

You wont make any “good” gains with 350mg,