How Much Arimedex Do I Need?

Got blood work done. I am currently 500mg test-c

My estradiol is 533pmol/l or 145pg/ml.
My estrone is 435pmol/l or 118pg/ml

How much Arimedex do I need? I have 1mg tabs was thinking .5 eod but would like to hear your opinions thanks!

Steroids might be a better place to get the answers you seek.

Post the ranges that were on the blood work.

[quote]nooberific wrote:
Post the ranges that were on the blood work.[/quote]

Estradiol 533 it suppose to be <157 (less then 157)
Estrone 435 (52-240)

533 pmol/l = 41 ng/dl I used a online converter not sure which measurements you are use too.

From what I understand there is no correct dose as everyone responds differently. I mean I’m sure you could say something ridiculous like 5mg ed would be wrong but I think anywhere from .25 to 1mg eod will most likely be the sweet spot at 500 T/wk. I’ve also read that’s it’s not exactly what your E numbers are alone but what they are in relation to your T numbers. So if estradiol needs to to 150 that’s 25% of a “normal range” testosterone of say 600, so if your T is 1500 does estradiol need to be around 375? I was having terrible sides from 500/wk test E, weak erections, bladder pain and water retention, started arimidex at 1mg eod and could tell right away it was just too much. Cut it back to .5 the second week and things seem to be going good.

at 500mg test you’d likely need .5mg eod.

Should’ve been running it from the start, silly bugger

Total Test: 94 nmol/L (7-30 is normal) this is roughly 2662 ng/dl

How is the T:E ratio?

Well according to the theory I described the ratio would be pretty ok, but I really don’t have any proof that the theory is valid or healthy, just speculation. How long have you been on the T at 500/wk? How are you feeling? Any noticeable sides?

The ratio I found online article says to divide test ng/dl by Estradiol pg/ml … Which is 18.
I have no clue if this formula is right or what the final number should be for optimal.

Just red face and average libido.
No gyno signs tho.

I am interested in the theory you have I like finding the science behind it all if you care to share the formula or the ranges.


Stop trying to make ratios and stupid shit.

Get your E2 down. High estrogen has a lot more sides than just libido and gyno.

[quote]nooberific wrote:
Stop trying to make ratios and stupid shit.

Get your E2 down. High estrogen has a lot more sides than just libido and gyno.[/quote]

Lol grow up.
E2 has many sides, these are just the ones I have noticed.
To get a balance and not just base it on feels and sides I want to know the math and science because after all it Is basically hormonal levels we are ultimately effecting and I want to know what kind of effects I am making on my body.

So let me ask my questions ok

What are you talking about?

You have ranges from blood work, keep them within the ranges and you will be fine.