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How Much Are You Spending on Food Per Week?

Been looking into ways to help yourself eat more for them gains and it got into my head i wonder how much everyone is spending on there food each week, what are you guys hitting? How many meals do you eat daily? Any cheap good ideas?

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If you were really on a budget, you could build a diet off of black beans (800 cals / $1), natural peanut butter (1180 cals / $1), and brown rice (1800 cals / $1). You could buy other stuff to supplement this stuff, but I’d guess that you could easily get your grocery bill under $40 per week if you were reasonably careful. These are based off of my local prices, so it would obviously be more expensive if you live in a pricey area

Where the hell do you live?


I meal prep with 3 other people and we spend roughly $300-400 per week so just over $100 per person

Middle of Alabama, USA haha. The food would probably be twice as expensive in New York :joy: I just go to Target and get all of the off brand stuff. I know, I know - I’m spoiled


About $140 a week for 5 meals that total about 3200 calories per day.

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I spend 150 a week, 5k calories a day. I eat pretty basic shit though, chicken and rice, chicken and potato, fish and potato. Pretty boring but cheap and easy to slap together for the next day.

Too much on fancy steaks

We average $250-300/week for a family of three, split between eating out and groceries. We go organic for coffee, most fruits and vegetables, almost all animal products (meat/eggs/dairy).


Potatoes and white rice are standards. Chicken thighs instead of breasts. Frozen vegetables instead of fresh. Shopping at big warehouse stores (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) often works out less expensive for most things.

I shop at four different supermarkets to get everything (BJ’s, Costco, Fairway, and Whole Foods) based on what they offer, what I need, and what coupons I have. Turns out I really need to stop looking down on guys who belong to three different gyms. I kinda get it now.

These Muscle on a Budget articles also have some ideas to shave costs down. Part 1 and Part 2.

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IMO this is much more realistic. About the same here, minus the some of the organic stuff.

I just dropped $110.00 last night but that included some snacks and junk. Probably could have kept at at about 90 or so without them, then pizza on Thurs. will be 20.

We spend about $300 per week on food for my wife and I, fortunately there’s a farmer’s market practically in our backyard so we get all meat and produce from local farms. It’s not that much more expensive than grocery store brand, but infinitely better quality. If you buy all your food top quality, and rarely eat out, it’s quite affordable. If you’re super strapped for cash, obviously you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

IMO food quality should be a top priority when possible. It’s amazing to me how many people say it’s too expensive to buy farm raised food, then go to Starbucks and spend $5 on a coffee, have countless technology and clothing they never wear, etc.


I can’t wait until summer. My back yard actually butts up to a farm/market. When the crops start coming in the quality and price is unbeatable.

Then I forage for my own shrooms and sometimes berries. The berries don’t usually make it any further than the walk to get them though.

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HA! I can relate! I once went through a couple pounds of blueberries in that manner.


Me and the wife spend about $100-$150 a week on groceries.

She’s vegan basically so that saves us money. I eat 5lbs (raw weight) meat a week so that saves us money.

We eat basically all organic so that ups the price but honestly not that much. I don’t eat a crazy amount of meat and she doesn’t at all that saves us a ton. Plus we like trying new restaurants so we keep it pretty simple in the grocery department.

Don’t want to spend $1000 a month on food. Gotta budget somewhat because I know when kids come into the picture our $400 monthly grocery bill will just be a memory haha.

We go to Costco once a month and then we use Sprouts and Whole Foods and that seems to get us everything we need at a reasonable price.

I eat about $25 worth of food that we buy for the haus and my wife cooks up, and then I make two $20 runs during the week for my base stuff that nobody else will eat: oatmeal, deli turkey, protein, swiss cheese, black beans, oat bread, coleslaw, etc.

Maybe $20-30 a week for me. I eat 14 eggs a day at $0.74 a dozen. A few dollars on bread, 4 pieces of toast a day. Top it off with whole milk, off brand cereal, bananas and the occasional cliff bar.

I plan to spend more on food when I’m finished with school this year

I work in a remote mine site, so for two weeks a month my bill is zero but I also havnt cooked in probably close to two years. My food bill is roughly 600/month for the two weeks off or 150$ a week total for the month.