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How Much are You Motivated by Vanity?


So you're given a magic pill that will allow you to look like whatever bodybuilder, athlete, celebrity, etc. you wish. You don't have to workout or eat well, and you'll look like them for the rest of your life; however, you will still suffer the same internal negative health effects that accompany sloth and shit dieting. Just your physique will remain flawless.

Do you continue to lift? If so, do you train as often as you do now? Do you change the focus of your training?

Do you continue to eat well? Or do your favorite binge foods slowly take you over?

Personally, I think my training would remain virtually in tact. The thrill of breaking new pr's would be sufficient to keep me training and progressing. I'd also like to stay conditioned to be able to do fun things like hiking, kayaking, dancing, etc. without getting winded. I think the thing that would suffer though, is my diet. I think I'd be all to0 willing to give into meat lover's pizza or coldstone ice cream.

How about you?


I think that I'd focus on training that would be devoted to improving athletic sports performance. In terms of diet, I'd probably stay much the same, but feel less guilty about any cheats.


Well I already eat meat lovers pizza and ice cream sooooo.....

But would you really be breaking PR's? No matter howmuch you workout (or dont work out) your body will never change so would you really co tinue getting stronger? I think you would plateau soon enough... Then would you really care to train all the time while seeing no results?


Look at my photos and see if I lift for vanity.


I would still lift because I like doing it. Also if Im to be really honest, id probably enjoy lifting a lot more if I was the guy in the gym all the girls swooned over.

My diet would go to utter shit, that I have no illusions about. Pizza's would be on the menu every night for Dinner and Id probably eat so much bread id die.

Yeah, if im going to be really honest I lift for pure vanity. I love getting stronger but the main reason I lift is too look great. Soooooo if there were a magic pill, id pop it and then wash it down with a litre of chocolate milkshake.


It's a "magic" pill, so let's say for sake of argument you can continue to get as strong as you would normally while how you look on the outside remains whatever you want it to be.


ohhhhhh well in that case...... hell no I wouldnt train as much as i do now lol.

Actually i probably would I would just drink more beer and eat more hot wings than I already do :slightly_smiling:


Yeah I'd probably just go nuts on the chocolate spread and quad stack my sandwiches nice and thick and continue what I do now. More Mickie D's ... KFC ... pizza ...just eat what I feel like instead of the bland meals that I always eat. Maybe skip a few sessions here and there so I can go fishing. I'd probably back off the heavy stuff to some extent too.


I'd definitely eat more waffles ... but I'd still lift because it's the best part of my day


Goddamn greasy whore show


prolli take a month break from lifting and be a slob as far as eating etc... then after get back in the gym with my skinny tank tops and lift 5 lb weights and look like an adonis and have all the noobs ask me how i got so huge lifting 5lb DB's and i'll proceed to misguide them with false workout advice..


I've been lifting for Vanity ever since I first saw her video in the early 80's. I can only hope that one day my efforts are rewarded.

I love you, Vanity!


Greg got to give you a fist bump man, you had me at beer and chicken wings.


Yeah, you like it huh?


Alright, I freely admit that vanity is a way of life for me. The name of my log even has the word "vanity" in it. One of my hobbies - as some SAMA visitors/contributors know - is self portraiture.

BUT, it really isn't directly what motivates my training. I truly love to lift. The physical and mental challenge are what keeps me going back for more time and again. I get hung up on perfecting my form or whatever way more than improving how my ass looks.


Hmmm. I'll be the first to come out and say that I don't know if I would lift at all anymore if I had such a magic pill. I like working out and love the strength advances, but the one thing I like the most is watching myself change in the mirror as I gain weight/muscle. Without that motivation, I don't know if I would stick with it.


In Janet Jackson's prime she was usually a fatty. She would binge diet to get in shape for movies and shoots and tours.


Do I still get to be at least as strong as I am now?

I would not lift as often. Maybe 2 times a week. I'd still lift heavy and less than 5 reps because that's what I like. I would cut out all the exercises I hate like rear delt flyes, lateral raises, pullups and shrugs.

I'd eat whatever the hell I want. I'd give up protein shakes, skim milk and greek yogurt and replace them with milk shakes, buffalo wings, and cake.

If I were 100% injury free, I'd spend more time playing basketball and hiking then I would lifting weights.


My main motivation to lift is to look good nekkid, BUT being able to keep up with a 6 year old is a HUGE perk.

I don't think I would be satisfied being stuck on a park bench while she played; I enjoy being an idiot/ show-off way too much to just lose it all now. Getting looks from guys when I wear a skirt is cool and all, but not nearly as fun as the dirty looks from other moms when I knock out some pull-ups on the monkey bars :wink:

Plus, I know what I feel like after a weekend left to my own devices. 48 straight hours of beer and burgers usually leaves me looking forward to a Monday workout.


I dont know. One part of me would like to continue training to get stronger but another part of me would want to take a jog every 3-4 days for the health and wellness and eat 1 PB toast a day.