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How Much and When?


hey ive posted on here before about gaining weight and obviously the answer was eat eat eat i went from 127 to 137 in the past 2 months.... ok so i got that BUT... does it matter when you eat ... i mean should i eat sumthing before i work out compared to after... this is my food schedule... i would like opinions on any changes... i work out around 4-5:30pm...

9am- 2eggs, 2 slices of bread, glass of chocolate milk

11am- protien shake

1pm- chicken breast, rice, juice, small salad

3pm- piece of fruit

6pm- grilled chicken sandwich, steamed potato fries

8:30- either chicken, lamb, or fish.. small salad.... rice or potatoes

also i drink about 5 glasses of water randomy throughout the day and usually a can of pepsi and maybe sum candy ..... um ive gained 10lb in the past 2 months.... i think im doing okay but sum criticism please!!!! i wanna be around 160 by the end of july


It is "some" not "sum". Your diet resembles my 4 year old nephews diet. By guesstimation I would say you are taking in about 1900 calories a day. try at the very least doubling but closer to tripling that intake if you want to put on another 23 pounds.


Too little. Are you starving yourself?

Thats way too little food even for a girl (Im being serious). Eat more.


Ill do my work then you do yours



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Hope that helps come back with more direct educated ?'s


How about reading the articles on this site?
This week we, but not you, have seen this article called "The Quality Mass Diet", written by Chris Shugart. You might have heard his name before.

You don't need to search or google or anything. The article is right there, at the top of the page.